Friday, December 4, 2015

How To Improve Your Online Privacy With These Easy Steps

The good news is that it's really easy to beef up your online security. These quick and simple steps will considerably strengthen your systems against criminals and snoops.

1. Get a quality VPN service

The quickest and easiest way to improve your online privacy is to get a quality VPN provider. The best services, like ExpressVPN, will secure your internet connection from prying eyes. A VPN will make your internet connection completely private and will keep no record of your internet activity.

2. Use a password manager

It goes without saying that a strong password will protect you more. You should also always use a different password for each account you have online. The best way to do this is with a password manager. It will encrypt and store all of your credentials for every site, so that you don't have to remember them all. Logins will fill out automatically, which means you'll spend less time frantically trying to remember your pet's birthday. Pick a strong master password and let the program do the rest.

3. Keep your system up to date

Setting your OS to update automatically requires minimal effort, and will considerably strengthen your defence against cyber attacks. It's important that you always have the latest security updates on your machine. They are released for a reason - to fight the increasingly sophisticated criminals who are constantly searching for ways to attack you and harvest your data.

4. Don't forget Your Mobile Connections

Connecting from a mobile device is increasingly the way most people get online. There's no point securing your desktop if you leave your iPad connection open. That's why it's important to choose a VPN service which will work across all devices and operating systems.

5. Don't trust Free and Public Wifi.

In many cases, it's free because they are harvesting your data. And that's just the provider. Criminals and snoops can also use the same connection to gain access to your files.

Getting secure online is more common sense than cost. A few straight thinking minutes can have your systems operating far more securely. VPNs are worth more than their weight in gold.

VPNs Weigh Nothing

Literally. There's no bulky equipment, It's just software. It's also lightweight software that won't hog any resources. In fact, it can often speed up your system. ISPs increasingly throttle traffic to certain websites. They do this without telling you, or even admitting it. They may use phrases such as "Traffic Shaping", but don’t be fooled. It's throttling. A VPN hides the sites you are looking at, so it's impossible to have your connection "trafficked".

Honorary Mentions: What about Tor?

There are other methods of securing your data online. Perhaps by using the Tor network. And while it is not as tricky (or dangerous!) as some make out, it just isn't as simple as a good VPN service.

ExpressVPN will get you browsing safely within minutes. A quick install and a few clicks is all you need to increase your online security and protect your privacy. And with a 256 key encryption, it is near impossible to hack.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Learn How To Create Actionable Customer-Centric Mobile Marketing Campaigns

In 2015 PEW Research studied the smartphone habits of American adults. This intuitive study revealed that 46 percent of American adults say they "can't live without their smartphone." In 2015 eMarketer also conducted a study on smartphone usage and the predicted impact of mobile advertising. eMarkter's report unveiled that by 2017 over 59 percent of digital search ad dollars will be spent marketing on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. These statistics show that mobile marketing is no longer a passing trend. It is a consumer-centric marketing effort that should be viewed as a chance to speak directly with your intended consumer by making a lasting connection.

5 Tactics To Create Easy-to-Implement Customer-Centric Mobile Marketing Campaigns

1) Tell a story through your blog -- Customer-centric marketing efforts should focus on involving your customers with the story of your brand. Your mobile marketing efforts will need to create mobile-friendly blog posts that can be read in three minutes or less. These blog posts should encourage people to share, like, and comment on what they've just read.

2) Begin a social media conversation
-- Social media conversations are a great way to create customer-centric mobile marketing efforts that focus on a customer's willingness to become involved with your brand. These conversations can also be a great starting point for you to share your latest campaign efforts. Whether it is sharing a new blog post, discussing the merits of a recently published white paper, or promoting your company's latest sale or discount, social media is the perfect platform to appeal to your customers. Be sure to encourage customers to comment by asking questions and don't forget to reply when someone does leave a comment.

3)Design mobile-specific email or SMS marketing campaigns -- Promotional content should focus on the customer and his or her potential needs. The customer doesn't want to be disappointed when they open a SMS or email message. Instead, the customer wants to see something of value. When you are crafting your promotional messages remember that nothing is more valuable than the customer's time. Messages that are succinct and add value are more likely to receive a positive reception.

4) Analyze metrics and make sure that your customers are happy -- Building a successful customer-centric mobile marketing campaign will require you to analyze a few key performance indicators. Ask yourself the following types of questions: how valuable are my customers; how can I attract more like-minded customers; how do I keep customer coming back? The common factor of the aforementioned questions is determining if your customers are happy. If your customer is happy then you know that your customer-centric approach is working. If your customers are dissatisfied, then you need to quickly adjust your efforts so that you don't lose your customers to a competitor.

5) Use proven marketing technology tools -- The right marketing technology tools will help you to gain valuable insights into your gathered customer data. In addition these tools can be used to help you automate certain processes, such as an automated "thank you for your inquiry" response that is designed to let the customer know that their request was heard, and that a company representative will assist them shortly. Marketing automation tools can also be used to deepen customer relationships and improve your customer communication strategy.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to customer-centric mobile marketing campaigns, the customer should always come first. Online sellers, retailers, and service providers need to put an emphasis on customer-centric strategies if they want to truly leverage the power of mobile marketing. By creating customer-centric mobile marketing campaigns you can help your organization create loyal brand ambassadors, build new customer relationships, and increase your ROI.

Author Biography 
Sophorn Chhay - Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.

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Reason behind Flipkart takes U-turn on app-only strategy & Launches Flipkart Lite

A couple of months back, it was all over the place. Everyone was discussing about it. Be it tech websites or blogs or newspapers or News Channels, all these primary sources debated on the information dispersed that Flipkart, one of the most sorted and trusted online shopping portals, was all geared up for app-only and quit desktop version. Does foraying into an app-only format make sense? It was debated all over with mixed reactions and feedbacks.

App-only: New face of e-commerce

There are no two opinions saying that the Internet usage has increased manifold in the recent past in the country. Ditto the consumption of smartphones. According to reports, Flipkart is getting 70-75% of its total traffic from its mobile app. This was the primary and the most obvious reason behind the idea. Majority of population in India access the internet through smartphones. Yes, we agree that most of the population in India spend their time using their smartphones. Installing an App is always a help. Smartphones is the new face of e-commerce in the near future. Undoubtedly. You can get prompt and immediate alerts and offers on the go. Whether you are vacationing or you are watching a much awaited movie in the cinema hall, you will get best deals and offers instantly on your smartphone.

Revamped mobile version "Flipkart Lite"

Flipkart did the same with Myntra after acquiring it. As per the announcement made, Flipkart should have gone app-only shopping website by September this year, but it did not happen (so far). Moreover, Flipkart has now re-launched their old mobile site in a new bottle and named it ‘Flipkart Lite’. It will be accessible only via Google Chrome on Android phones. Why Now? What made them to do so? Are they planning to shelve their app-only platform idea? Let's put a light on it. But before going any further, it is necessary to understand why they chose only app based platform keeping in mind the stiff competition from other online shopping portals in India.

Instead of going app-only, Flipkart has now reframed its old picture and tried to give it a better and richer look. Recent reports suggest that Flipkart’s new mobile version is built with Google’s input. Google has been trying crawling mobile sites but could not do so effectively. This renovation comes with some cool features - option to add the Flipkart Lite page to the homescreen on chrome for better accessibility.

Switching back to m-version. Why?

For beginners, who just started using smartphones (especially middle aged people), it would be so difficult for them to surf and buy products using apps. Limited storage space and continuous internet data consumption - these two smartphone problems usually faced by most of the smartphone using population. Such problems will be solved with the site's mobile version. A smartphone user can access to the mobile site as per its convenience and with limited data consumption.

After converting Myntra into app-only format, the company witnessed the dip of 10% in their next sales figures. It is evident that there are chunks of people in India who still wants to buy products online using laptops or desktop. Browsing through desktop and laptop helps you making better buying decision. Thanks to bigger screen and better image quality. Flipkart has 25% of its total consumers are still using traditional ways to shop online - Computers. Taking a risk of losing 25% of sales is a nightmare for any company.

We understand and agree that a smartphone user (or an App) user can get prompt push notifications, customized offers. But restricting online shoppers to just apps is too risky.

Note: If you are looking for flipkart coupons & offers which are valid on desktop, Flipkart-Lite & Mobile App, here is list of all offer:

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What’s New on the iPhone 6S

What’s New on the iPhone 6S
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The latest Apple product is being released, and Mac lovers have been lining up to get their hands on the iPhone 6s. So what makes this product so special? Besides the expected software updates and advanced Touch ID, faster 4G and Wi-Fi connections, a sleeker design with a rose gold finish and of course iOS9; what are some of the new features that iPhone-fanatics can look forward to? Since Bend-gate there have been speculations regarding just how durable the latest iPhone will be. Apple have addressed this and have engineered a new alloy of 7000 Series aluminium, the same used in the aerospace industry, to ensure your phone won’t bend in your pocket. But that’s not all they have to offer.

See some of the top new specs below:

3D Touch

This is perhaps the most exciting of the new features of the iPhone 6S. This revolutionary technology combines software and hardware to bring a new dimension of functionality to using your phone. As well as the now familiar touch gestures like Tap, Swipe and Pinch, 3D Touch introduces what Apple refers to as “Peek and Pop”. Basically, with 3D Touch your phone registers how much pressure you put on your screen. If you select an icon/message/web page, it will open or Peek out; so you get an idea of what it contains. If you want to go into that web page or message you just have to press a little harder and it will “Pop” open. It also enables the user to make even shorter shortcuts to the camera, messaging and map apps from the home screen. Seeing Apples iPhone 6S in action, it appears to be a sleek transition and one which makes the phone that bit more covetable to this tech-loving writer.

Breath-taking New Camera

The camera in the iPhone 6S has 12 megapixels and the shots it takes are absolutely stunning. It’s clearer than my own vision. Apple claims that a camera this good won’t need re-touches or filters on photos – although I doubt that will stop all the Instagrammers out there. If anything, this will just step up their game. The new iPhone can also take videos four times 1080p meaning your videos will look like something from the silver screen, in the palm of your hand.

Do you take a lot of selfies? The front facing camera – for Facetiming and selfie-taking – is high definition 5 megapixels. All the better to see yourself with. The iPhone 6S also has a new function: Retina Flash, a flash three times brighter than the previous generation. This, combined with Apple’s True Tone Tech, allows you to have perfectly lit selfies no matter where you’re taking the photo. 

Live Photos

As well as having a crisp and clearer shot, the iPhone 6S also enables the user to take Live Photos, literally capturing a moment in time just before and after you take the photo, with movement and sound. Like sleeker gifs if you will. You can activate the live photos simply by selecting a photo and you can also view them on your other Apple devices, and share them around.

Computer-Like Performance

The iPhone 6s is run by a 64-bit A9 chip. This chip empowers the iPhone 6S which 70% faster CPU (than the previous iPhone) and 90% GPU; meaning you can enjoy games, apps and videos with far better results. Apple goes for far as to say that it is as immersive as playing a video-game on your desktop or game console.

So, will you be lining up with the rest of them to get this beauty?

Authors Bio:
Orlaith Costello writes for The PC Doctor, a fan of all things tech-related, she’s had a keen interest in IT and programming since the age of 8. Nurtured from a young age she has shares her opinions on IT news, smartphones, apps, or Google’s latest updates.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Guest Posting - How Can They Affect With The Growth Of Your Business

When you create a website for your company or business or even a store, your main goal is to create enough traffic to your webpage. Instead of trying to create a wonderful online page without any help, taking assistance from the guest bloggers will be the best way to enhance the traffic to your website.

There are many benefits from opting for guest blogging that are listed below.

Helps you with Establishing Credibility and Expertise

The products that are promoted on your website will usually be frowned upon, if it is not advertised in the right manner. Hence, it becomes necessary that you share its incredible features and other such useful information with your audience, instead of sticking with a product promotional tone.

Since the blogs will be from someone who is from the outer circle of your advertising department, their main focus will be to use the right tone that can grab the attention of the visitors. Hence, they focus on using right pitch, which might not generate enough advertisement at the beginning weeks, but can guarantee with leaving behind strong impression on every visitor approaching your website.

Right tone in the blogs and promotional articles about any product is the best way to stay fresh for longer months in the mind of your target customers. This might even enhance the chances of making your product, the most opted one in the market.

Helps your Products with Creating Right Backlinks, and In-turn Enhances Search Rankings

The main focus of any best known SEO strategy is to increase the ranking in the list of most visited links, in any search tool. The more your website gets inbound links with excellent information, the higher the ranking of your search engine reaches in the list.

Usage of right keywords is the main source of generating traffic. With the help of internal links and a garnish of some short bio, the guest post can surely create the right type of “anchor text”, as required in guiding the visitors directly to your website. With the increase of shared guest posts related to your product in your blog, you can expect some blogs that wish to back link with your webpage.

Helps to Enhance the Audience Circle for your Product

With the help of guest blogs, you can easily visit the website of other site’s audience. The right tone usage in the guest blogs can guarantee with making your website visible to almost every visitor, looking for similar kind of products.

You can find many website that welcomes millions of visitors almost all the times. By using such web links as the source, you can generate enough traffic, with constant introduction of something new to learn about your product. Always remember that using the same information or advertising blog in all websites might even reduce the number of visits to your webpage.

Helps you with Enhancing Industry Connections

The best way to generate higher traffic is not only to buy guest posts, but also to keep connections with the other industries. Appearance of such blogs in some well reputed bloggers site has its own way of making your product famous.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The New Apple Pencil Sketches New Shade on an Old Idea

The Apple Pencil is upon us. While it's not a new concept, it does deserve a more in-depth look at its features and abilities. It's essentially a stylus for the iPad, and it's introduction is a bit shocking to followers of Apple products. Steve Jobs is well-known for stating his disinterest in creating a stylus of the iPad. He routinely pointed out that your finger was the best pointing device. With the new CEO of Apple Tim Cook taking the reigns, it seems some big changes are coming to Apple products. If you take a closer look, you'll find there are actually several features that make this pencil a really good idea.

It Enhances Precision

Your finger is convenient, and it worked well with the iPad when it was in its infancy. However, as the technology has improved and app developers are creating new technology, it's become necessary to introduce a more precise pointing mechanism. Of course, it wouldn't be an Apple product if it didn't do something other products can't do. The Apple Pencil detects position, force and tilt. The pencil should act as a catalyst for app developers to start making apps that take full advantage of the stylus. It can also use your iPad to keep itself charged when you're not using it.

How It's Made

The Apple Pencil is made to work with your iPad software. A stylus that you can buy in the store uses passive technology. They are just replacements for your fingers. It much the same way as checkweighers work, the Apple Pencil can sense the amount of pressure you are using. The Apple Pencil and the display are two parts of the same device. The Apple Pencil works with the technology of the display to use both pressure and angle sensing. It's made to work only with the iPad, so you can't use this device with other systems. The device offers very little lag, it connects quickly and it automatically charges when you're not using it. For it to work properly, most of the touchscreen has to be able to sense hand pressure and differentiate it from the Apple Pencil.

It Annotates Better

When Apple demoed the new Apple Pencil, they invited a representative from Microsoft on stage. The purpose was to demonstrate how the pen worked in Microsoft Office. The representative demonstrated how items can be circled in documents, and shapes can be drawn directly on PowerPoint slides. Once the objects are drawn, they can be easily converted into graphic objects for placement anywhere in the document. Overall, the stylus worked very well and seemed to make the process of editing documents much more productive.

It Draws Better

One of the issues many users report with using a stylus, is that the image doesn't appear on the screen instantly. With the Apple Pencil, when you draw something it appears instantly. This is a crucial step forward that makes it an ideal object for artists who work in graphic design. The ability to detect pressure, force and tilt will enhance shading and dimension in graphics. It works well in Adobe Photoshop FX, and it should also find its way into several other applications that are useful for graphic design.

The question of why Apple would decide to design a stylus after all these years is an important one. It seems that the stylus will appeal mostly to graphic designers and business professionals who need to mark up their documents on the go. The stylus won't work with the iPhone, and it's likely going to require you to purchase a new iPad to get the functionality. This device should help to spur new iPad purchases, and Apple can continue to raise the bar on future incarnations to make it even more feature-rich. It offers a more life-like experience than when using other stylus products. Ultimately, the new Apple Pencil works much more like a real pencil.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Evolution Of The Office (Then/Now)

We take going to work at the office everyday for granted but do you ever stop to think just how much office life has changed over the years?

This infographic by Smart PA is full of facts and visuals with key dates in history that have changed the business world allowing it to grow and develop at a faster rate then ever before. From telephones and computers being introduced to air conditioning and video conferencing. We wonder what the future may hold for office life going forward….

Evolution Of The Office (Then/Now)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Cabs Are Slowly Replacing Auto Rickshaws in India?

In the last few years, large cab companies have popped up across the country. Meeru and Dot cabs were some of the first few to be launched on a large scale. Back then, the cab service was too costly and only a handful of people were using it. But now, with cab companies like Uber and Ola, there’s a slight chance that cab companies will slowly erase the Auto Rickshaw concept from India. Here why.


Price of auto rickshaws over cabs

One thing stopping people from using cabs so easily was the obscene rates they charged passengers. But today that has changed. With the coming of new cab companies, some cabs have even become cheaper than autos! Now tell me why in the world would you travel in an auto when you can have a comfortable ride at such a cheap price.


Comfort in a cab

Cabs have air conditioning, proper seats, speed and a smooth ride. Ever since cab companies are offering such low rates, it became hard to justify why one should travel in an auto. When you can have such a smooth and comfortable ride at such low rates, cabs are the perfect mode of transport for anybody. This difference has already effected auto rickshaw drivers negatively as their previous customers are slowly shifting to cabs.

Free ride concept

Free ride concept

Cab companies have a unique ability of offering free rides for their customers. Ola cabs coupons and Uber promo code have become a rage in urban cities. People use these and ride around at discounted rates. Sometimes these coupon codes even give free rides which is really making people to prefer using cabs. Discounts and free rides are not something auto rickshaws can offer. This way cabs have an upper hand.


Convenience while driving

Using cabs is always more convenient than autos. You can book a ride in advance and expect it to come on time. Cabs are also available in abundance today. So you can even book a cab on the spot and track it over their app. Another unique feature is how drivers are equipped with GPS devices. That way, even if you don’t know the way, the driver can find it over the GPS and take you to your destination.

So it is quite clear, cabs are a much better option than auto rickshaws. The only thing holding them back is the awareness of their service. The more people realize the advantages, the less they will use autos.

Author Bio:
Sravanthi is an employee at She is an avid reader and writer too, and has good experience in blogging. She loves to pen down her thoughts on a wide range of topics. You can spot her blog postings on a large number of blogs and websites.

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Flash Storage And Modern Businesses: Why It Works

Flash Storage And Modern Businesses: Why It Works

Flash storage is the wave of the future for computers, mobile phones, notebooks, laptops and powerful business computer systems. Many businesses are transitioning to flash storage from their basic storage systems and hard drives. However, some business owners are still confused about flash storage and how it works in terms of network storage and business efficiency. The following can explain some of the benefits of flash storage as well as a brief description of what flash storage is.

What Is Flash Storage for a Business?

All businesses have a family of computers in it at some place. Those computers have storage systems for files, pictures, documents, music, projects, applications and the like. Flash memory is different from RAM or random access memory. RAM is the computer’s main storage system. Flash memory is a separate storage system that does not need power to it to operate. Use of flash memory is inexpensive as compared to conventional memory. Units that have flash memory can go through the booting process without ever causing the hard drive to spin. RAM requires constant power to it, and it is highly expensive.

How Flash Memory Is Designed

A flash storage system is a small unit with a memory chip and a flash controller. The chip is the part of the system that stores the data while the controller works in harmony with the RAM cache. The cache is what buffers the data that is going in and out of the memory chips, and the buffering enhances the speed and performance of the memory.

Flash is becoming more prevalent than conventional storage systems is. Business and individuals are turning to products that have flash memory because of the benefits that they are experiencing with data storage and network storage.

The following are a few reasons that flash memory is quickly replacing hard drives:

Less Power Consumption

Flash drives have no mechanical parts that move around, so they automatically consume less power than a conventional memory unit. In fact, a unit with flash memory will use 50 percent less power than a unit that has a conventional memory system will use. Additionally, flash drives provide unlimited access to files. Flash units have no limitations on them, so they can find files milliseconds faster than units that do not have flash can.

Data Center Compactness

Many of today’s small units have completely abandoned hard drives and moved to flash memory because of the compactness that they provide.

Overall Cost Effectiveness

One of the best features of flash storage is that it can save a business money. Switching to flash storage can make a business environment more secure, as well.

An interested business representative can contact a reliable provider to discuss the available options for flash storage and network storage. The person can help connect the business owner with solutions that can increase capacity and performance. Smart technology solutions are available for businesses of every sizes. Providers are on standby to assist a business that wants to grow and mature with the ever-advancing technology.

Author Bio:
Katrina racks them in for the market leader of custom racking products at Rack Solutions - visit us today.

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5 Ways Voice Recognition Is Now A Part of Our Everyday Lives

Voice recognition software used to be the realm of science fiction, with practical applications rarely extending beyond devices that could recognize a few carefully selected words. When voice recognition hit computers, it became possible to train the computer to recognize your voice. However, this rarely resulted in perfectly accurate results. Now, people are communicating with devices, typing emails and improving their lives using natural speech patterns. As we take a look at the five ways voice recognition software has changed our lives, keep in mind the history and development required to reach this amazing point in history.

Telephone Menus

Most businesses now have the option to speak your commands when you call a company. You might be presented with a list of options, or get a prompt to ask for what you're looking for in just a few words. Banks might allow you to ask for your balance, check the latest deposits or transfer money to another account all without touching any keys on the phone. This is extremely useful for people who are not able to free their hands to type, or that are working on other activities while attempting to complete errands.

Cell Phones

Most cell phones use voice recognition software to help you find what you need. Apple's Siri is a prime example of voice-activated software that helps you find information, get things done and even play around on your phone. If you're ever in the mood for a joke, ask your device to tell you a joke and see what it says. People with mild forms of autism have even used these response features to connect with the world and develop their social skills. The technology has come a long way, and is now used very comfortably in a variety of situations.

Voice Recognition Replaces Typing

Many people who work in business now use voice recognition software to dictate their emails and other communications. The technology has reached a point where a good degree of accuracy can be obtained. After typing the email, a quick glance over the text can help detect any errors. This technology can save a significant amount of time for people who don't type quickly, or that need to work on other projects while responding to communications. The technology also extends to opening up applications on your computer, typing reports and controlling various aspects of the operating system. As the technology continues to improve, voice recognition software may eventually make the keyboard less relevant.

Home Environment Controls

Many new thermostats and other controllers around your house now respond to voice recognition. You can turn your thermostat up or down by simply activating the voice recognition software. Enable or disable your home's alarm through a specially designed voice recognition app. Virtually everything in your home can be controlled using smart apps installed on your phone. The ability to use your voice to manage and control your environment poses a huge benefit for those with too much on their plate.

Driving Your Car

Navigation control, thermostat features, radio and your stereo in your car can now be controlled using just your voice. The technology allows you to adjust your route, play a selected song or artist, and drive more safely. By removing the distraction of fiddling with buttons while you drive, it makes it safer for both you and everyone else on the road. Phone calls can be answered without having to pick up your phone, and your entire car's audio system can be turned into a microphone and speaker to make and receive calls. As the technology continues to improve more safety mechanisms will be introduced to improve the experience of driving your car.

Author Bio:
Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes about technology and other gadgets and gizmos aplenty. She currently writes for Total Voice Tech, her go to for all professional Dragon products.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

6 Interview Questions to Stop Asking Job Seekers

6 Interview Questions to Stop Asking Job Seekers
If you have been looking for young, fresh talent, you have probably found that the potential employee pool of the modern era is somehow different from its counterparts in the past. The Millennial generation is different in many ways, but there is one fundamental difference: They do not need your job.

The job seeker of today will hold five to seven careers in his or her lifetimes in completely different industries. Contrary to whatever you may believe about the student debt discussion, the Millennial is less economically encumbered than any generation previous because they are unmarried and do not have kids until later in life.

Getting these new Millennials to work for you is the secret to attracting new business. However, you need to ask different questions in the interview. Here are a few that you need to completely leave on the cutting room floor.

Question 1 - Where do you see yourself in five years?

This is perhaps the most disingenuous question in human history, job interview or not. You are looking for the answer, "Happily working for you for less than I am worth with no other life responsibilities!" New job seekers see right through it. It doesn't work anymore - there are simply too many choices for employment out there for a young, tech savvy individual.

Question 2 - What are your weaknesses?

Who wants to reveal their weaknesses? This question attempts to create a false camaraderie while attempting to make your talent pool qualify itself out through self-incrimination. All you will get with this question is politically correct self-censorship from this generation, and rightly so. You yourself know that anyone who would answer this question honestly probably isn't looking to get hired in the first place. You wouldn't answer it honestly, so do not ask it.

Question 3 - We have a lot of talented resumes; why should we hire you?

Do not play the bluff that you have more talent than you know what to do with. This is a play for later negotiations as well, to give the employee less to stand on when asking for a proper salary.

First of all, social media among the new Millennial generation has made every job posting public knowledge. Unless you are an international corporation who is flying in talent from around the world, people know who else has interviewed for the position. Make this bluff to the savvy job seeker and you show your hand.

Question 4 - What would your past bosses say about you?

Again, who is going to answer this question honestly? This is also a moot point with the amount of information that you can find about a person online. Perhaps this particular employee had a racist or a sexist boss. However, the old boss is not on trial here, and anything bad that boss would say about the person in front of you will only reflect poorly on the person in front of you. There is no way that you can discern any information that is actually relevant about the interviewee with this old school question.

Additionally, any job seeker worth his or her salt has come in to you with a list of past references that you can call. Do so and stop wasting valuable time in the interview with the talent.

Question 5 - Why do you want to work for us?

Did you seriously take an interview with a candidate that did not have the common sense to personalize the cover letter? Do you know whether this happened or not (many recruiters ask this question because they have not taken the time to actually read the cover letter or resume thoroughly).

People want to work for companies because companies have paychecks for them. Stop trying to build an entire relationship in a 10 minute conversation. Also, if you cannot tell who truly wants to be there and who is faking their body language to get a job, perhaps you should not be interviewing potential candidates in the first place.

Question 6 - How did I do in this interview?

First of all, whoever came up with this question is to be lauded for understanding that the interview process is now a two way street. The truly talented employee pool of today has more choices than ever, and this question is an attempt to show that the interviewer understands this shift in power.

However, it is quite the feeble attempt.

The interviewee has no idea if you have the personal fortitude to hear an honest answer to this question. There is no way that he or she can answer it honestly. Would you start off being totally honest with a complete stranger? You can only expect the same politically correct answer here along with a look of confusion.

Author Bio:

Amy Klimek is an experienced HR recruiter and VP of Human Resources for ZipRecruiter, a company that simplifies the hiring process for small to medium size businesses. Prior to that Amy has held similar roles at, eBay and US Interactive.

For Amy, corporate culture isn't about dogs and free lunches, it's about empowering employees and creating an enriching environment for people to excel.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How Private is Google's Incongito Mode?

How Private is Google's Incongito Mode?

With the increase in the number of users of internet globally cyber crimes have also increased remarkably and people should try to be more careful while using the internet than ever before. In the age where almost everyone has access to the internet privacy is one of the most important things that you should worry about while browsing on the internet.

If you are using a public computer for general search like for the schedule of the football world cup fixtures or look for the weather report, privacy is not entirely necessary. But if you are booking a table in a restaurant online, shopping online by using your credit card, checking your bank account, logging into your social media profile or checking your email you need your browsing to be private.

If you are browsing in a public computer you need to be aware that the data you search can easily be accessed by someone else who uses the same computer after you. Mostly people who want their browsing to be private and don’t want anyone to see what they search on the internet remove the history manually after they are done. The traces are removed by clearing the cache and cookie files to completely remove the history. It can also be used specifically for the sites you want to be cleared. They can be removed selectively and the process which does not take much of your time.

Privacy on the internet is now taken very seriously and most modern browsers ship have a private browsing mode that you can be start independently. This helps to avoid keeping the record of the sites visited and the information browsed in that session cannot be restored once the browser is closed.

Private modes of browsing of all the browsers are the same. A new window opens that is independent from the main session. Just like the main session users can open as many sites as they want to open.

There is however a difference between the functioning of Firefox private browsing mode and google chrome's incognito mode.

In google chrome when you close the browser after using the incognito mode the data cannot be restored. Not everyone needs the private mode of browsing as If you search of a website of something that you need and after finding it you close the window than this information that you searched cannot be restored and if you do not remember the exact site that you searched you cannot reopen it as the data is not saved.

But in Firefox this feature is different. In Firefox data can be restored in the same way just like in the normal browser which is by using ctrl+shift-t. It can also be achieved by right click on the tab bar and undo close tabs from the context menu.

Other browser like opera and internet explorer also use private browsing. Opera is chromium based so its private browsing mode is just like that of google chrome’s incognito and the closed tab cannot be restored while internet explorer handles private browsing just like Firefox.

Comparing these browsers and their private browsing a question arises that is why these applications are different in re-opening the tabs once after they are closed. There is no official answer to this but an appropriate and logical reason can be that the browser that can re-open the closed tabs holds data on a window level while the browsers that cannot re-open the closed tabs in incognito mode like google chrome and opera hold data on tab level.

It makes google chrome’s incognito mode more private as there is no restoration of a tab once after it is closed.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

How To Make Facebook Your Lead Generator

Facebook as Lead Generator

Social media has become one of the biggest marketing tools in the digital age, and nothing more so than the platform of Facebook.

As confirmed in this recent article, Facebook now has 1.23 billion active users, and with such a huge influential power over consumer’s online activity, it has become the largest marketing portal for businesses worldwide.

But aside from throwing money at advertising a page and boosting posts, there are far simpler tactics that can enable even small businesses to enhance their return without the need for heavy expenditure.

Be Available

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make on Facebook is not having their contact details available on the page.

As a consumer, there is nothing more infuriating than being caught up by a call to action, to find that there’s no way of even contacting the company.

Always ensure that your full contact details are listed on the page and that any call to action posts have a contact method included.

Be Relevant

Whenever you post on Facebook question the relevance to your audience.

Will they find this information useful? Informative? Amusing?

Is it going to make them act?

What are you trying to gain for this post?

Asking yourself questions such as these will ensure that you are targeting your audience more efficiently and becoming a help rather than a hindrance.

Don’t forget that Facebook is still seen as a very personal space to consumers, and pitching your business throughout their timeline will only encourage them to unfollow.

Be Organized

If you’re a small business, managing your social media can feel like a mammoth task that you simply don’t have time for.

When other business tasks can be more pressing than a social media update, Facebook and other social sites can soon become neglected and filled with posts that have been put up sporadically without any thought in the process.

Posting at key times is important to any marketing campaign as it gives your post the greatest amount of exposure to your audience. And therefore the greatest results.

This article details advice as to the best and worst times you should be posting.

Combine that with scheduling tools such as Sprout Social and Hootesuite, and you’ve got yourself a plan that can’t fail.

Be Successful

Once you’ve got your head around being organized it’s time to set a measurable goal of what you would like to achieve from a social campaign.

With the methods listed you can gain more sales and leads, but don’t forget to set a target that can be measured.

Do you want more views of your website or the phone ringing off the hook for your services?

Once you’ve decided this you can then use insightful tools such as Google Analytics, or Call Tracking systems such as this one.

Keeping a record of the activity generated from your campaign can make you see what’s been working and what hasn’t so that you can change your strategy if needed.

Social media marketing is constantly changing and can work differently for each business.

Do your research and you’ll be surprised at how it can improve your businesses without the need for a big marketing budget.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Most Accurate PDF Tables to Excel Converter

Working with PDF format is often the most desirable format to use in the office. When we send a report to someone we don’t have to worry about the format being disarranged or changed in the process of opening and viewing. When sharing data with others PDF format is preferred because it looks the same on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or any other platform.

However, problems can occur when we encounter a report, statement, or a receipt in PDF format with data that we need to reuse for some other purpose. In such situations, we realize that extracting data is not easy. A simple copy and paste can take ages, and it doesn’t work for scanned documents. When we encounter such problems, we can use software which performs PDF to Excel conversions. By using this software, the data we want to extract gets converted to a spreadsheet from which we can easily copy it or continue editing.

There are multiple software programs which offer such functionality but they differ in quality and features offered. PDF tables can differ in distribution of rows and columns. For example, they can have different heights and widths and be nested into each other. In this case, the software might not recognize everything correctly, which is why we liked the custom Excel conversions feature offered by the popular, professional software, Able2Extract. The accuracy is outstanding. They basically offer the best possible row and column recognition technology. Here is a brief tutorial on how it works:

1) Selecting a PDF table

Able2Extract’s PDF Converter enables you to select the table you need to convert. For example, if you have a one thousand page document and the table you need is on page 500, you don’t need to convert all of the pages. You simply need to go to page 500 and select the table you wish to convert. However, if you do need to convert the entire document, it’s no problem. Large documents can quickly be converted into .xlsx format.

2) Choosing a Conversion option

The software offers two conversion options when converting to Excel spreadsheets.

The first one is automatic; you will probably use this one the most frequently. This is often enough because the conversion engine itself will recognize columns and row structure without you having to worry.

The other option, Custom allows users themselves to specify how the rows and columns should be represented in a new spreadsheet. Let’s say for example, that you want to merge two rows into one. It would be very hard to do that in the Excel spreadsheet itself, but you can specify it before the conversion and save yourself a lot of work.

The same goes for columns. Rows and columns are represented by red lines. If there are lines differentiating rows and columns that you don’t need, simply choose option Erase Row Line/Erase Column Line. If you need the opposite click on Add Columns / Add Rows.

3) Previewing the conversion output

Another significant feature which significantly saves time is the ability to monitor the changes in custom format in real time by choosing the show preview option. This is a very powerful option that leaves a lot of room for experimenting.

4) Mass adjust row and columns settings

PDF tables differ in how they are structured. If we have a document with hundreds of pages we can perform custom adjustments on all of them.

For adjusting Columns, first you should choose how the columns should be split. They can be split if there are two spaces between words, three spaces, and so on.

You can also adjust column types if they are number, text format or something else. This is also very important when working with Excel sheets.

For adjusting rows, you should choose one representative row which will be the prime example. All other rows should adjust to it, or alternatively you can choose to use document horizontal lines in adjusting rows.

All in all, Able2Extract PDF converter is indeed very powerful when it comes to adjusting rows and columns for specific pages. If you are a heavy Excel user that has to deal with PDF to Excel conversions daily, chances are that you will love this feature. It will save you a lot of time and work.

The Able2Extract team has a list of sample files converted from PDF to Excel format. You can use them to test this amazing feature. For testing you will need a trial version of this software, which you will definitely find useful.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Five Books to Read for Better Content

Content Marketing is now the name of the game. With the rise of social media and short attentions spans, one must be able to easily and consistently produce shareable content. Be it for social media, for blog, or for website, here are some of the best books to read to help make your content better.

1. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (Gary Vaynerchuk)

Vaynerchuck is the CEO and Co-founder of Vaynermedia, a social media brand consulting agency. In this book, he talks about how to utilize the different social media platforms of today. He ran through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and other rising platforms such as Snapchat to discuss what type of content works best. He also gives examples companies with the best and worst utilization of each platform.

Read to: develop campaigns, raise brand awareness, and engage customers using different social media platforms.

2. Epic Content Marketing (Joe Pulizzi)

The title says it all: this book provides a roadmap in developing content that engages customers and makes people seek it out. Joe Pulizzi talks about leveraging on social media to propagate your content, how to write content that drives behavior, and measuring the impact of your content marketing efforts.

Read to: use content marketing to affect consumer behavior and measure it’s impact.

3. Talk Like Ted (Carmine Gallo)

With a tagline of “ideas worth spreading,” TED talks conferences are not only greatly attended but also quickly shared. With speakers tackling different topics and featuring some of the best and most innovative thinkers and doers of different industries, TED talks are enjoying an increasing level of popularity. While the primary focus of this book is public speaking, there are many gems in it that can be applied to content marketing. It talks about the best practices of the most popular TED presentations, specifically how to present an idea as simply as possible to get the point across as quickly and clearly as possible.

Read to: develop easily communicated content

4. Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is About Help Not Hype (Jay Baer)

If you browse around online, it’s easy to notice that a large percentage of shared content are those that people find useful. Think: 10 Easy Ways to Flat Abs and other stuff like that. This book talks about the idea behind that. It discusses how companies can identify customers’ needs and shape their content to address those needs. It talks about how to meet the goal of being relevant and shareable based on today’s standards.

Read to: develop content that is hinged on customers’ needs

5. Superfreakonomics (Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner)

Levitt and Dubner are an Economist and a journalist, respectively, that teamed up and decided to use economics principles in explaining different things from how a street prostitute is like a department store Santa and whether or not people are predisposed to altruism or selfishness. This is not really a content marketing book but one can take a look at how the book was written. Levitt and Dubner were talking about statistics and mathematical regressions to explain how they were able to derive their conclusions in a way that laymen not only understand but also enjoy. It takes a lot of word skills to do that.

Read to: develop a voice that is credible, authoritative, yet relatable.

Just remember, if you want to make readers interested in what you write, your content should be amazing. And more tips to learn how to brighten your content can be found here. Hope that your content will get better with each day!

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Yohana Petrovic is a writer and blogger. She has 10 years` experience in educating and now she is a proofreader at . You can reach her on Facebook: Yohana Petrovic or on Twitter: @YohanaPetrovic

Monday, January 12, 2015

Six New Essential iPhone Apps Each Traveller Can't Live Without

If you are a traveler, you need to invest in some iPhone applications as they will help you in the long run. Think about it, if you are in the country or overseas, you can make your life easier with a few apps. While true, there are a lot of applications that are a waste of time, and you should try to find ones that offer you what you need. With this in mind, here are six new essential iPhone apps each traveler can't live without.

Weather Line: If you are like most people, you like to know what the weather will be like any given day. This is especially important if you want to get out of your hotel room and go out on your own. Since most travelers will walk a lot, it’s important to download the Weather Line app. Then, when you wake up in the morning, you can see the weather forecast for the day. Furthermore, if you are wise, you will use this app to get the forecast for later in the week and future cities you plan to visit. Either way, with the Weather Line app, you are not going to leave the hotel or hostel unprepared.

XE Currency App: When you travel abroad, you will want to know the currency exchange rate. By knowing the true value of your money and the local currency, you can’t get ripped off by people who take advantage of unknowing tourists. Since the exchange rate changes daily, and sometimes widely, this is a wise application to have on your phone. Yes, you can't trust the local money changers as many of them are out to make money off foolish tourists. On the other hand, if you check the local paper, you will get yesterday’s rate, and you won't know the true value of your money. So, before you head overseas, make sure to download the XE Currency App.

Yelp: While on the road, most people have no idea what lies ahead as far as restaurants and bars. Not only that, if you want to get a massage or check out a movie, you will have to rely on luck and lots of asking questions in the streets. To save time and find the best places to check out, make sure to install the Yelp application on your phone. Then, without a doubt, you can find the best places to go, and you will have an easier time enjoying the local experience.

Skype: If you want to make long-distance phone calls from out of your home country, you are going to waste a lot of money. Not only that, you will get a horrible connection many of the times. On the other hand, with Skype, you can chat with your buddies in real-time, all for free. Furthermore, you can message your friends or family member’s links of your photos and information. Then, you will enjoy your trip more as you can show off and keep in constant contact with the ones you love.

Dropbox: When you are out-of-town and on the road, you will want access to your stuff. Think about it, what if you want to access your passport photo or important files? With Dropbox, you can log in and see your stuff. This makes it easier should you run into any problems. In fact, if you work on the road, you should download Dropbox now and synch it to your iPhone. That way, when you are gone, you are not truly away from your computer and files.

WhatsApp: While not wildly popular in some countries, WhatsApp is a great texting app. Whether you are renting a place off Airbnb or trying to meet a local for a coffee, you will have an easier time with WhatsApp as you won’t pay any fees to text someone in another country, and the person on the other end will not pay a fee. All you must do is download the program and synch it with your current number. Then, when you want to text someone, add him or her to your contacts. Then, you can send images, video, audio or texts to your friends and family all over the world. Simply put, if you are going to travel internationally, you need to download and install WhatsApp.

With these six iPhone applications, you can save a lot of time and money while you are on vacation. In the end, it’s wise to consider these apps and a few more as you will go a long way in ensuring that you have a fun, safe and enjoyable adventure wherever you may go. Remember, while these are great apps and you can rely on them to make your tri more enjoyable, you need to think of your own unique wants and needs while on the road.

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This article was written by Natalya Pobedova. She is 28, from Czech Republic, and runs a flight help website called as a hobby. At the moment, she works as a freelance web developer. When she has a free minute, she is hanging out with her friends or helping others at Stack Overflow.


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