Saturday, October 19, 2019

3 Ideas for Your Corporate Mentoring Sessions

Corporate mentoring programs are a popular way of providing employees with in-house training opportunities. Furthermore, upskilling can boost employee morale and foster an inclusive and nurturing company culture. However, not all mentoring programs are successful, and without adaptation, mentoring sessions can quickly become stale and repetitive. Let's discover 3 ideas that can help keep your corporate mentoring sessions fresh and interesting.

Develop a Mentoring Action Plan

One of the most important sessions between a mentor and mentee is perhaps one of the easiest to curate. Simply asking a mentee what they want to get out of your time together can help identify professional goals and determine any overall outcomes. Together, you can then compile a list of wishes. When setting targets aim to be as specific as possible. Asking questions such as who, what, where, when, why and how, can help mentees to establish their ambitions and identify any time constraints or other restraints that can then be factored into these goals.

Once goals have been identified, you can then work together to plan next steps. This typically involves reviewing potential solutions and hurdles to achieving these targets and planning to ensure these dreams become a reality. There should be criteria in place for measuring progress towards each goal and a set time frame for achievement. As your mentoring relationship develops, review your action plan by fine tuning goals, dropping any that are no longer relevant and, finally, adding new ones. For more information about the importance of scheduling in a mentoring setting, go to

Complete a Visual Realisation Task

Creative visualisation involves using your imagination to encourage goals and dreams to come true. Visualisation tasks can help employees to regain focus and, in some cases, attract success and prosperity by taking a moment to realise the potential of thought processes and actions. Ask your mentee to write down their thoughts and feelings about an imaginary scenario such as a perfect day at work and encourage them to answer questions about their surroundings. Who is around them? What do they look like? What are people saying?

The power of the subconscious mind is particularly important in the competitive corporate world. Visualising ideal scenarios can sometimes offer insight into thought patterns. In turn, this can make taking action and changing habits easier. Above all, visualisation tasks can boost employee confidence by prompting a higher level of thinking outside of the tasks of everyday life. Some people even find that taking part in regular visualisation tasks can rapidly accelerate their motivation to succeed.


Networking is one of the most effective ways to change career and keep up with industry trends and research. In a mentoring relationship, there are opportunities for both mentors and mentees to introduce each other to contacts from their circle. Old colleagues and friends from professional networks can pass on knowledge and skills to provide an in-depth level of mentoring experience. Good networking can unite people on similar career paths, allowing the trade of advice and ensuring better management of challenges.

Additionally, the contacts we keep are largely attributed to our personal and professional growth. Being introduced to new people from within your workplace or industry through a mentor can pave the way for new opportunities and resources. Not sure where to begin? Mentors can bring mentees along to key meetings such as important customer interactions or nonconfidential meetings with managers. In short, inviting a mentee to meetings provides an inside look at a side of the company that they might not normally get to see.

Keeping corporate mentoring sessions exciting is all about staying focused and finding new ways to set objectives through development activities. When carried out effectively, mentoring programs offer an effective learning experience that helps people to grow.

For a mentoring relationship to be a success, both parties must stay in regular contact. If you are looking for alternative ways for your employees to stay connected in the workplace and beyond, take a look at this blog post which highlights 10 ways to connect people in the digital age.

Monday, September 30, 2019

A Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Marketing Program

Are you one of those people who are interested in earning some extra income with an ROI of 1200% and that is for every dollar you invest you get back 13. Then you have come to the right place. Resume that all the work is done for the system to set up then it would be highly easy to maintain and just let more money coming to your account. That would be one hell of a dream to come to right?

I don't know about you but I would certainly love to have everything in hand. By reading the above paragraph, you must have understood that I am of course talking about an affiliate program and that too running your own affiliate program. Of course, there are a lot of things such as what would a potential affiliate look at when deciding on what kind of products and services to promote, what kind of affiliate management software is available, and a lot more.

But first things first

What is an affiliate marketing?

A performance based marketing that involves people who are marketers and brands who want to sell their products and services through a partner.

In affiliate marketing, you as the merchant will decide how much commission you want to say your affiliates when they make a sale and only when they make a legitimate sale.

How many affiliates are there across the globe and how has it evolved over the years?

According to a research, online affiliate marketing income has significantly shown some growth from euros 8 million in extra income for companies in 2012 €2 13 million in the year 2013.

The other essential aspect of the affiliate marketing is that the return on investment ROI for companies and merchants has increased to 21% every year.

Before you start anything to set up your own affiliate program you first need to understand the costs that are involved

The very first thing that you need to understand in affiliate marketing is that they would be usually three types of costs that are involved.

1.  Management costs --  You would require some professional such as a program manager to keep tabs and operate affiliate program efficiently.
2.  Platform costs --  For running an affiliate program, you would certainly be going to require software a platform that would help with your day to day functions.
3. Creative costs -- You would need a person we can design creative material such as banners, innovative videos, and much more.

Are there any recommended affiliate marketing software program and networks?

--  Lead dyno
--  Has Offers
--  Affiliate Pro
--  Cake

Well, these are only some of the best affiliate management software platforms, there are many of other great softwares that can efficiently run your affiliate program.

For affiliate networks

-- ShareASale
-- ClickSure
-- LinkShare

These are only a sample best affiliate networks, there are many other potential networks that you can take consideration into. So do your research and pick the one that exactly can serve your affiliate program needs and requirements.

Knowing what commissions are and how much to pay

About commissions, you first need to understand that there are two types of models on which the commission is usually based.

  1. Paying commission on a per sale basis
  2. Paying Commission on per lead basis

The first method is widely used in the affiliate marketing industry. When you pay your periods there commission, you can choose to.

A)     Increase your sale prices. With this method, you can shine your affiliates' commission. Let me explain. $20 t-shirts are now raised to be $21.20. Even though your affiliates make 12%, your cost will remain as they were.
B)     Your prices remain the same. Without changing your prices,  you can pay your failures commission out of your profit margin.  Since there would be no extra expenses that would be born the customer and also if your affiliates are good enough then the reduced profit margin of trade off will be greater in the case of inbound customers.

Now comes pay per lead. This method of commission payment is usually kept for markets where leaves are generated without much effort and the item is either simple to sell or the consumer has an immediate requirement.

Launching and running your affiliate program

It is now time to launch your affiliate program. But make sure you have the kind of affiliates you require for your program otherwise it would be nothing but a dumb idea. Because at the end of the day, you will not make any sale without your affiliates.

Recruit affiliates for your program

Hiring affiliates for your affiliate program are mostly about saying visible and active on the Internet. So online places like blogs and affiliate forums are where you should be active and visible. One way to get affiliates for your program is by running a PPC campaign. And the other way is by joining the best affiliate programs in your network to get an idea about who are the best affiliates in the market, how do they promote, and much more. Now use that information and make an offer they can't refuse.

Now the next step is contacting them directly. Explain to them what you do and what your affiliate program is about and finally what kind of offer you have for them.

Getting super affiliates into your affiliate program

Apart from your normal team of affiliates, you should also have this special kind of theme - Super affiliates. These are marketing Gurus that can easily handle and get you 50 or even more percent of your income. These can include stuff like lead-gen, coupon, etc.

Be prepared

Whatever offer you are going to make to your failures, make sure you include things like innovative collateral, conversion rates, commissions to your existing traffic, and related stuff.  Usually, super affiliates will not get on board soon after you approach them. They will test your affiliate program to check how it works in their niche. In case they figure out it is not that effective or suitable for their target audiences then they will simply drop out. So you need to ensure that you have everything in place when you approach them.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Influence marketing vs content marketing : things that no one will tell you

Influence marketing and content marketing go hand in hand, We spoke on digital strategies and business collaborations to gain more leads and traffic but which marketing strategy will bring you prompt result is baffling , influence marketing where depends directly on an influence marketer whose strategic brand presentation can shower both positive and negative impact, on the other side content marketing is gainful in either way, if done with influence marketing or it can be done on unparalleled as well. Both marketing strategies are enough powerful to turn a business fate, and when integrated together can bring incredible results.

Influence marketing

Influence marketing is no more uncommon, influence marketing
it’s the best way to boost business sales and brand awareness and can be done by any public figure with great social presence and public hold, earlier brand usually flocked with celeb personalities for branding and promoting their products and services, but the time has changed, as audience find it difficult to trust celeb brand promoter assuming it to be a big ticket collaboration, brands have turned towards collaborating with macro and micro influencer with lesser but genuine followers and greater engagements rates, since influence marketing is believed to be the fastest method of acquiring customers and have better traffic leads at their business sites, tons of business have started building authorities and business hiring of macro and micro influencer.

        Influence marketing is basically business promotion of other exception figure, influence marketers usually promote products and brands with word of mouth or it’s a mouth publicity to produce greater ROI and turn greater number of users towards the products the product buy via showering with some business oriented offerings.

        Influence marketing tends to cost more and requires lesser skills and disciplines than content marketing, influence marketing is basically experienced based brand or product promotion, influencers tend to collaborate with brands and spread honey words over the social platform.

        Influence marketer are usually vloggers and bloggers who share their genuine feedback and review about a product infront of his audience,since customers find their reviews authentic as bloggers use to share their personal experience with the audience, audience appreciate the honesty and turns towards their recommendation, this eventually lead more traffic to a brand’s site and generate more revenue.

        Influence marketing is at number one in strengthening customer trust, as they create compelling stories revolving around the brand’s product and services, they are likely to trust it and find them most reliable among all.

        Influence marketing helps to enhance brand reach as it’s a word spreading marketing strategy, it tends to get viral at a faster rate than content marketing and give brands greater exposure to their potential customers.

Content marketing

Content marketing is certainly increased in past few years and it’s the most cost effective way to build business relations and promote brand awareness and it’s an integral part of influence marketing as well, “Content Marketing directly deals with the on shore stigma of planning, creating, and branding calibre content to meet the brand’s requirement and help them to attract and convert every individual into a finest customer and a repeated buyers.
Content marketing requires high end disciplines and skills to develop the necessary demanded content, in general content marketing is expected to generate over $500 billion revenue in upcoming years.

        Content marketing is a great medium to connect people and update them regarding your regular services using emails, blog posts, newsletters etc, and aid to increase brand credibility by creating and sharing broad contents discussing and describing about one’s brand stretch and audience reliability.

        In content marketing the marketer always targets the audience who he found to more inclined toward a particular niche and then share valuable and quality content with his audience in order to promote his collaborated brand and it’s product growth.

        Content marketing helps to improve customer relationship with the brand, and the content marketer always seeks new and creative ways to shower better content and clutch more people to their brand, sometimes they are found using their previous audience interaction session and genuine customer’s feedback and comments into their content to be posted on social platforms.

        Content marketing can be done on any social platform, it can also be combined with other marketing strategies to make your business hunger meet your marketing goals, a perfect combination of high end content with influence marketing can eventually turn 3 times greater traffic to your site, according to a report generated by afluencer, companies publishing 16 or more contents and blog posts every month on their site seems generating 4.5 times more traffic leads and engagements on their site.

        The last mainframe of content marketing says, a content should be designed keeping business goals and public requirements in mind with relevant topic discussing and optimizing audience searches.

Final thoughts

Influence and content marketing both have their own specificity and tends to produce even better results when mixed in the legitimate proportion, both the marketing strategies are committed to provide you the best services in an effective and efficient manner.alone content marketing cannot generate exceptional results nor everyone trust word publicity but can do wonders if done together.

Either content or influence marketing both are subset of one other, almost 80% users ask for recommendation and fetch for reviews before making even a single purchase and dig social media, others just Google it, so brands need to understand their collaboration should be with the influencer who can promote their brand vocally can publish contents as well, regardless of your business niche with these marketing tactics you can come up with the most vital business algorithm to settle your business at the peak level and bring up more flexibility, cost control and greater customer experience.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Enhance Your Online Privacy With Norton Internet Security Support UK

The Internet has become an integral part of our living over the past two decades. It is hard to get enough of surfing online rather it is on social media platforms, online shopping platforms or other websites. But the other bitter truth is that with the increasing usage of Internet services, cybercrime rate is also increasing globally. And the matter of fact is that we hardly know the reason behind this and we don’t even bother to know.

What Is Online Privacy?
Everyone today is online but only some of us care to know the real truth of being online. We hardly care about online privacy and other related facts associated with it. And this negligence might get us in great trouble some day.

We all trust our Internet Service Providers more than anything. But are they really trustworthy? Well, the answer is a big NO!. We can never trust our Internet Service Providers with online privacy. Our entire personal date is present over various social media platforms and other platforms and the Internet Service Providers allows our personal data to be shared and sold to other platforms and companies.

From our banking details to our medical conditions, from our vacations to our shopping interests and so on, every single detail of ours is available with the Internet Service Providers. And to our surprise, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) sell our personal data to other companies and organizations. This sharing and selling of data let those companies know about interests and general things which they might use for their personal benefits and this may take a lot from our cause. Thus, you might end up getting in such a trap someday and this could call a lot of trouble.

Norton Internet Security Support UK Ensures Your Online Privacy

Norton Internet Security Support UK cares for your online privacy. The Norton Intenet security support system has amazing inbuilt features that can enhance your online privacy. The Norton Internet Security Support System offers you a full package that will keep your personal data and other details safe. The system blocks the unwanted sites and advertisements which can harm your privacy and does not allow the Internet Service Provider to share your data with any of the platforms.

The Norton Internet Security Support offers its customers various services through which they can easily enhance their Internet Security. The Norton Suite covers all the aspects that can hinder your online privacy and offers you a complete package at very affordable prices. The mcafee total protection uk have a range of security product families that can work effectively on every platform be it a mobile, laptop, tablet or a personal computer.

If you are concerned about your internet privacy Norton perhaps is the best Internet Security Support system that can never let any intruder har your system or steal any information about you which can get you in any trouble. The Norton Security Support Plan would make your online surfing easier and safer than ever before.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

7 best practices to identify influencer

Identifying influencer is a feverish task ,especially winning the one who’s inclined to your brand type and is flexible in your budget is rare, several brands have people constantly working on fetching and identifying the right influencer for branding their products and outshining in the giant market.

Almost 90% of brands, companies and agencies have stopped supporting digital and animated ads and have hired social media influencer(s),as the  powerfulness for influence marketing is not hidden from anyone and from every corner of the globe people are earning gross profit through it.
But despite being the so hot culture of the marketing industry, several brands and people are finding it challenging to fetch the exact influencing personality in accordance with their brand type and moreover, they are spending mountain of assets and time on just finding the exact influencer for their brand promotion.
Firstly, let’s get clear why influencer ?
Influencer(s) are those personalities who knows how to deliberately
manufacture a brand’s image, the power hype and culture of broadcasting products via influencer is not hidden to anyone, the fact that the people or audience are much inclined on recommendations before buying rather than relying on advertisement, influencing a brand on social platforms is too a kinda advertisement but of a more nurtured and modified type. A voguish influencer clutches more audience and influence their mindset for a specific buy of a product resulting in much hype in traffic and leads.
‘The ratio of influence can’t be measured but it’s effectiveness can be seen easily’ that’s why influencer .
Here am listing some never failing approaches that you must follows to have the exact brand influencer of your’s.

1.Understand your brand
Understanding your brands means you must primly know about your brand, at what category your brand belongs , what kinda people it serves and what’s the exact range of people knowing and trusting your brand, brand understanding develops a broad mindset that will further help you in building strong terms with people so you could maintain a healthy relation with them, brand understanding leverage your knowledge regarding the present status and ruling tendency of your brand.

2.know the market and social industry
Market understanding and knowing the social presence of your product will make you better analyse your brand reputation, with greater market understanding you’ll get able to distinguish among the wide diversity of products and can have a calculative gross index of your brand, you can even smoothly connect with high ranked influencer and know their performance, check on whom the audience are trusting more and how they are delivering and plating brands to the audience.

3.Build networks
Building great networks will automatically help you in reaching greater range of audience throughout, networking supports you to have greater knowledge of market tantrums plus furnish you with relation building capacity within you ,it will extend your reach towards market investigation and help you find your approach of staying hot in the market, thereafter examine at what extent you can build relationship with people, with communities, with influencer(s) and how father you yourself can take your brand.

4.Use influence search and tracking tools
Investing your crucial hours on search tools will be far more beneficial than just turning every stone of the market, as in this era smart work pays more and hard work ,am not neglecting the fact that hard work pays off rather, here am telling you to groom your efforts smartly , so it could leverage more returns in your pocket.
Influence search tool helps you to get a better glimpse of market plus they allows you to fetch the influencer that belongs to your niche, lets take an example if you owning a clothing brands then there’s no hope of returns if you are working with a food blogger, ‘simply what you do must match up with your brand influencer’. These search tools first let you to have a glance of endless trending influencer(s), some even list them in accordance to their rating , means how they are performing in the social environment, their content quality their post frequency and so on ,plus allows you to track their daily actions and their traffic response and if in case you like any influencer’s profile or show some interest on , then you’ll get a direct automated invitation asking them for collaboration with your brand. So overall these tools are quite handy and salutary in use.

5.Research on profiles
here by research I mean to say ,if you liked any profile of influencer within your niche then, before rushing towards him/her asking for collaboration is not right, just keep your eyes on him/him for the first few day, actually by doing this you’ll get an idea of how gracefully they present brands to their audience, whether he/she doesn’t posses faux listeners, their traffic and engagement rate matters alot, comprehend their nature of delivering brands via content via word publicity ,how genuine they are, all this stuff you must look on before offering any subject matter to any influencer.

6.Connect graciously
A graceful talk can get you some extra cherry on your cake, so if you want to build any collaboration be quite tender and light ,don’t just ask for business deal directly, know their exchange policy, illustrate what you want to deliver to the audience and how will they manage to serve your brand more better to the social audience and then express your offers and terms with them.

7.Be authentic

‘Authenticity is always rewarded’ , means being authentic, real, genuine must be your first choice, to have a high dignified decorum of your brand be sure you are presenting audience what you are, there’s no point in plundering wrongs listeners are much smarter than you think you’ll be bow downed easily if delivered falsity plus be sure you are exchanging content and products with the authentic one, there’s n number of profiles with faux followers and listener don’t get drowned towards them.