Friday, December 30, 2016

How Secure Is Your Document Sharing Provider

Companies and Enterprises are constantly on the look-out for a reliable and enhanced way of sharing files among their employees without leaking vital information. This is where file-sharing services such as Dropbox and SugarSync come into play. Box, Google Drive and other cloud hosting providers offer users the ability to sync files and folders, make them accessible everywhere and emphasize on security thus a lot of businesses seek their well-regarded services.

The past few weeks have been overwhelming for the providers with the trending news of Dropbox going through so far another security breach. This begs the question, how secure is your document sharing provider? Dropbox being one of the most reliable cloud service providers had recently reset most of its client's passwords owing to a data breach that had occurred in 2012. Nevertheless, even with all these steps of ensuring user security they were hacked and data stolen from its users.

Owing to this, cloud service providers have put in place new safety measures to try and curb the threat. Some of these include the two-step verification whereby the user is required to enter a password and verification code sent to them via mobile phone. Another security step that has been put in place is advising the users to unlink any older devices that are no longer in use. These may be smartphones, tablets or even unused computers that were once attached to their Dropbox accounts. Another safety measures the providers have put in place, although it has been part of the package in their services, is file encryption and monitoring web sessions. By tracking and keeping a record of web browsers that have logged into a user's account, the client can monitor illegal activity in their account and report quickly.

But is this enough? Are your business and company files safe or are they vulnerable and at the mercy of your competitors? With the millions of passwords and personal data lost at the Dropbox security breach, a lot of uncertainty and questions have been raised on how secure is your document sharing provider?


Thursday, December 8, 2016

How to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot?

How to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot?
There are many good things about turning your iPhone to a wireless hotspot. For example, you are travelling somewhere and you are carrying your laptop or tablet. You have two options, you can work offline on the tablet or laptop, or browse the internet on a very small screen. It would be great if you could use your 3G or 4G connection of the iPhone and go online on your laptop or tablet, right?

The good thing is that you can easily do this with your iPhone. It is quite easy to share your cellular connection with other devices you use. This feature is popular as tethering and it is really helpful -you don’t have to look for a cafĂ© or a restaurant to use the internet or search for a free public hotspot.

Turning your iPhone to a wireless hotspot is quite easy. However, we recommend you to contact your carrier first and see if they allow this option or whether it is included in your monthly plan. This will exclude the chances of any unplanned extra fees. You also have to take care of your monthly bandwidth quota. In case you have a limited bandwidth for the month, make sure to use this option only when you really need it.

How to create an iPhone hotspot

Tethering basically transforms your iPhone to a wireless router just like the ones we all have at our homes. Of course, you won’t be able to login to the new router using its default IP (for example and password) and tweak its settings, but it practically does the same job. Then the iPhone sends wireless signal which enables us to connect our devices to the internet. The laptop or tablet can connect to the iPhone either by USB, or Bluetooth or wireless. It is quite good to know that your beloved iPhone can do this. So, if you want to turn your iPhone to a wireless hotspot follow these steps:
  1. Tap the Settings icon
  2. Then tap on Cellular and turn on Cellular Data. Make sure to set it to 3G or 4G in the Cellular Data Options.
  3. Go back and tap Personal Hotspot and turn it ON..
  4. Tap on Wi-Fi Password and enter a password you would like to use to connect your devices. At the same time this will prevent others from connecting to your wireless hotspot.
  5. On the laptop click on the Network icon and from the available networks select the one labeled as “iPhone” or similar.
  6. Click on that network name and enter the password you have set up earlier.
Now you will be able to browse the Internet on any device you connect to your personal wireless hotspot. However, don’t forget you are using the data connection from your iPhone. Maybe you won’t get so good performance as with the Internet connection you have at home, but we are sure you will be able to do all the tasks you want to do.

Don’t forget to turn OFF the hotspot when you don’t use it since it will drain your iPhone battery very quickly.

What are the dangers of creating an iPhone hotspot

There is always a possibility that someone will try to connect to your iPhone hotspot and use your bandwidth without your knowledge. If you have set up a password as we have mentioned before you shouldn’t worry about this. However, if someone guesses your password you will be notified when he or she gets connected to the wireless hotspot. If this happens you will be notified so you can react in time.

Another thing you have to take good care about is the bandwidth. It is quite easy to forget paying attention to it while you are surfing. However, you can always use third-party apps to control the bandwidth. At the same time avoid downloading large files or updating your computer. This can consume large amounts of data and very soon you will hit the limit. So, always make sure to pay attention to this. Plus, when you use your iPhone as a hotspot you will notice the battery gets drained faster than usual.

Monday, December 5, 2016

SEO in 2017, Digital Home Assistants, Mobile Indexing, and AI - Oh My!

SEO in 2017, Digital Home Assistants, Mobile Indexing, and AI - Oh My!
SEO in 2017, Digital Home Assistants, Mobile Indexing, and AI - Oh My!
Looking to discover a new SEO strategy that will help optimize your site? Have you taken into consideration how digital assistants and apps have changed the way buyers operate? If you haven’t already approached your boss with a model about how to adapted to these changes it might be too late.

As the rise of digital assistants like Siri and Amazon Echo become smartphone staples and home automation ports, it's important to recognize that changing your SEO methods is no longer an option. 180Fusion is a leading search engine marketing company that specializes in generating leading SEO terms and site optimization. We sat down with them, to help loop together what it is you need to understand about the ever-changing strategy of SEO content while catering to the world of artificial intelligence and mobile.

Here are three approaches to SEO that will better position you in a world conforming to assistant search:

Hey Google, Alexa and Siri: Optimizing For Digital Assistants

The number of consumers turning to digital assistants for answers to their questions is on the rise. Marketers will have to adapt if they want to stay relevant in a world where the use of personal operating systems and mobile apps for shopping becoming par for the course.

Digital assistants like Siri, Google Now, and Amazon echo are completely redefining the search and shop process. Rather than producing a run of results when they’re asked a question, they produce an immediate answer negating the duty of the user to filter through various options and stumbling across your website.

Your business should dodge becoming obsolete by playing the same game that these digital assistants relying on existing web search algorithms do. Because they use content that will supply them with sufficient and accurate answers, you should provide them with answers that are specific and significant.

As they are now, interactions with digital assistants are conversational, thus digital assistants seek out results that are conversational. Optimize your site's SEO by including colloquial terms, long-tail keywords, and detailed questions. Create posts that venture into niche territory. Be the source that a know-it-all digital assistant links to and your site your brand will score instant credibility points and increase user return.

Mobile First Is No Longer Optional

The amount of time people spend using their phones for searches is skyrocketing. Smartphones give people the luxury of instant access to information they had to drive home or to the office for. It’s why going mobile with your site isn’t an option anymore, especially because search engines like Google rewarding mobile-friendly sites with more positive rankings.

As you create and design content for your site, it becomes key that you reflect on how it is that you use and access the internet. Smartphones that have even more capabilities of a computer have changed the ways people want to receive information. Not only do they want instant access they want to have it fed to them easily. Secure visitors who access your site via mobile by presenting them with a site that is mobile responsive or designed to account for device screen size so that the site can be displayed on different screens. 180Fusion created a mobile responsive corporate website that detects the screen size of a device and accounts for its different dimensions. Use mobile SEO and optimization to provide a site designed and structured to run on a mobile at a page speed that won’t frustrate your user and turn them away. 

Do It All With Artificial Intelligence

The development and improvement of artificial intelligence means that we’ll have access to smarter and more human-friendly search engines. Results that come from a search take into account your location, the amount of clicks from similar queries and even your own search history. AI developments will allow for an adaptation in result rank as algorithms take in what prompts the most clicks and translate it into relevancy. This means a heightened importance of SEO optimization for marketers and the content that they create.

As search engines use artificial intelligence to improve analyzing search objectives, keyword research accuracy becomes more critical. Marketers have to hone in on keywords and then make them relevant to the content they create. Accordingly, frame of reference and content relevance are now more important factors than old methods that aimed to achieve keyword density.

Speaking of relevance, video content mustn’t be undervalued. Especially because search engines like Google have started to favor videos in search results. As they also improve upon detecting what visual content is about, the game for visual content creators completely changes. For them, considering SEO when creating visual content becomes crucial.

It might all sound intimidating, but improvements in AI will make SEO become a strategy that is more intelligible and regular. Focus on delivering valuable and suitable content to searchers and you’re already ahead of the game.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Productivity Tool Preview - Able2Extract Professional 11

The majority of our office documentation comes in PDF - the most known, universal format for viewing and storing documents. No matter the industry, profession or experience, everyone is still using it.

The PDF’s main trait is its non-editable nature. You cannot edit or change any content inside a PDF document, by default. Two reasons why:
  1. Security - PDF format is the most secure type currently available, thus you are unable to easily alter documents.
  2. Portability - PDF files tend to always keep the layout so they can be viewed and shared across devices and platforms.
Because you cannot copy or edit a PDF file, various companies develop software to help us solve that particular problem. One of those tools is Able2Extract, whose latest version is set to be released on December 5.

This brand new office productivity solution is called Able2Extract Professional 11 and we had the pleasure of reviewing it prior to its release.

Here is what you will have a chance to see in the latest build:

PDF Creation

Having in mind the latest document security concerns in almost all competitive industries, the developers of Able2Extract decided to up the ante and provide complete document encryption and decryption, upon PDF creation.

This means that you can set up document owners, configure passwords and share your documents securely. There are two ways to create PDFs in Able2Extract:
  1. After clicking the right-mouse-button on a supported file, select the "Print" option and choose Able2Extract Professional 11 printer.
  2. By clicking on a "Create" button in Able2Extract, the software will immediately make a PDF document from your desired file.
PDF compression is another sub-task, which allows you to set up image and text compression, therefore reducing file size for when you send it through email.

PDF Editing

Using Able2Extract’s upgraded PDF editing engine, you will have a chance to perform a wide variety of operations, most notably:
  • Add, remove and edit PDF text
  • Add images and vector shapes
  • Change text size, font color, fill and outline text blocks
  • Move and rotate all content blocks
  • Rearrange one or several pages
  • Combine multiple PDF files into one document
  • Split PDF documents
  • Rotate and delete pages across the document
  • Resize any individual page
Additionally, users can now redact (black out) all sensitive information from their financial and legal documents.

PDF Conversion

Able2Extract Pro 11 will keep the main strength of its predecessors. After all, this software is primarily a PDF conversion software. Version 11 is empowered with an improved OCR engine that enables you to convert scanned PDF documents into fully editable formats.

All conversions work the same: open your PDF by clicking on the "Open" button and selecting the desired file. Since Able2Extract is one of the most advanced converters out there, it supports conversion up to 12 different formats, such as:
  • PDF to Word
  • PDF to Excel
  • PDF to Image
  • PDF to CSV
  • PDF to PowerPoint
  • PDF to HTML
  • PDF to AutoCAD and more
As usual, users can use Custom conversion features to manually set up all needed parameters. Take note that the custom conversion is still limited to PDF to Excel and PDF to CSV.

PDF Annotations

In Able2Extract Pro 11 users do not need to install any plugins for annotations, as this new feature runs right inside the new Annotations Panel, which supports following annotations:
  • Sticky notes
  • Comments
  • Highlight
  • Underline and strikeout text
  • Stamps and watermarks
  • Hyperlink and attachment
Having in mind that this is just a quick preview, you can rest assured that the actual software provides even more productivity enhancing features, as these are just some of the new things you will get with Able2Extract 11. The tool is in many ways a useful product that can solve any PDF problems you might have.

A lifetime, single-user license will go for $129.95 and the software is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users.

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