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5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your HTML Site to WordPress

5 Reasons Why You Should Convert Your HTML Site to WordPress

Having an online presence for your brand has its share of incentives. And if you are already running an HTML website, you have already made your first move.

However, the decision to stick with HTML is something that won't pitch you well enough for gaining the leverage you have been striving for through your presence on the Internet. HTML binds you in may respects and thus, the experienced webmasters as well as the novices are beginning to lean towards converting their HTML sites into more customizable and dynamic websites. And this is where Content Management Systems come into the fray.

As and when an individual decides to have a website of his own, choosing the most ideal content management system is consideration that takes precedence over everything else. And when it comes to that, you are greeted with a whole ensemble of options. But, let's say it without masking: Despite the stiff competition from CMSes like Joomla, Drupal, etc. Wordpress emerges to be the choicest CMS out there.

But, going back to the HTML websites, if you are one of those webmasters who still isn't convinced enough to make a switch from HTML to Wordpress, here are some bonafide reasons for your consideration

Your Static HTML Site Gets a Dynamic Wordpress Makeover

HTML Site Gets a Dynamic Wordpress Makeover

It's understood that you must have invested quite a bit of effort into developing that HTML website, but with the end-user becoming more and more tech-savvy, your efforts aren't bringing in the expected results since your website doesn't give you the free rein to be creative and play around with it. When you are aiming to build a website that needs constant updating of content, the HTML website won't serve the purpose. Websites made on Wordpress can be updated with new content as many times a day as you want. The website structure with HTML is rigid, and does not leave room for changes. Also, the URL's on the Wordpress website can be easily tailored for optimizing the site for SEO and you don't have to deal with the gibberish URLs for your website's pages and posts.

You can Seamlessly Tweak Wordpress Website's Design

Customization capability is of utmost importance in today's dynamic digital age. Any portal needs constant reinventions and updates to keep the users interested. If you stick with the same design and layout, you might as well start losing your loyal visitors to the competition. Wordpress gives you incredible freedom to tailor the website as and when you want. The multifarious themes of Wordpress provide you with a range that leaves you spoilt for choices. New Wordpress templates are developed every day and every once in a while when you decide your site neds a makeover, you can have your options.

No complicated Editing Programs to Deal With

No complicated Editing Programs to Deal With

One of the major challenges faced by the webmasters who run an HTML-enabled website is that they need to be expert at the editing programs of the likes of Dream Weaver. It is rather an unwieldy tool that requires investment of a lot of efforts and time to get used to. And with any HTML site, it has to be used quite too often. But Wordpress, with its suite of capabilities and a very straightforward tool for publishing content and images makes it remarkably easy to modify, add, delete or make any other tweaks to the content. Particularly when you are running a blog that needs to be updated with content every day, Wordpress offers an excellent alternative.

Versatility and Responsiveness Can be Seamlessly Combined with Wordpress

While on one hand, Wordpress makes it a breeze to develop dynamic and versatile websites that give them the wherewithal to achieve uninhibited level of funtionality, this CMS also doesn't interfere with the responsiveness and compatibility of the website over different browsers and operating systems.

The WordPress Plugins for Extended Functionality

Another remarkably useful feature of Wordpress websites is that it allows us to add advanced features to websites without having to write separate codes for them. These plugins are available for everything – be it for SEO, or for changing the designs or for increasing website speed, etc.

It is a proven fact that Wordpress gives you an absolute free rein over how you wish to structure your website. Get your HTML site converted to Wordpress and avail the freedom and the accompanying benefits.

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Sarah Parker is a HTML to Wordpress techie and always looking for new tips and tricks possible to make functionality of WordPress more efficient. Currently, she is working in Designs2HTML Ltd., as a WordPress developer and socialize aspects related to same on Facebook and Twitter.

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How to Avoid Online Shopping Fraud?

Whether it is the latest tech gadget, new clothes, your next holiday trip, or car insurance - there are few things that you cannot buy online. But as great the pleasure of having everything delivered to your door step may be, the hard is the awakening once you realize you've become a victim of online shopping fraud.

During the past five years, every third online shopper has experienced fraud while shopping online according to a recent global consumer study. Beyond that, about USD 3.4 bn are lost each due to online shopping fraud - money from consumers like you and me!

Fortunately, there are a few simple rules that can help you to stay safe from becoming a victim of online shopping fraud and save a lot of money. The below infographic will show you how!

 How to Avoid Online Shopping Fraud

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Can Online Games Really Work as a Learning Platform?

Can Online Games Really Work as a Learning Platform?
You might not realize this, but online games can actually do much more for your children than just provide them with a fun and time-consuming pastime. They can be used as a learning platform, as well.

Through the years, online games have actually become more and more popular with parents, teachers and kids alike. As a matter of fact, they are now considered to be a big part of today’s educational system, penetrating into classrooms and helping students learn various digital technologies while mastering different academic subjects and gaining more knowledge and skills in the process. Some of the subjects that these games can help greatly with include languages, math, painting, management, economics and physics.

As such, it is safe to say that online games really work as a learning platform – and an efficient one at that. After all, the right games can teach, control and evaluate students, as well as boost their overall motivation to learn more and study more. Aside from that, teachers and parents will also get to monitor the students’ progress as time goes by and help them become more responsible in terms of their studies overall.

There are also various other benefits that come with using online games as a learning platform, though.

Playing online games is a pastime that will give children the chance to hone their skills while having fun at the same time. Parents and teachers will also have an easy time evaluating the knowledge and skills of the children through these games. While it wouldn’t be right to call these games proper assessment tools, especially if they aren’t labeled as actual educational games, they will still be able to evaluate the learning skills and progress of students with them in time.

Aside from that, online games are easy to access nowadays. Plus, students will be able to develop their creative skills when playing the right games. Playing online painting games, for example, can hone their creativity skills like no other.

Naturally, any top quality games can evoke a sense of learning responsibility in children and encourage them to learn new skills while developing their creativity. Online games do not just assess skills, after all; they can improve the learning process and turn it into a more interesting and efficient one, as well.

Online games can also be used to demonstrate and develop certain knowledge factors and skills, such as the use of computer skills, which is required by every online game out there; and the knowledge of math. There are actually quite a few quality math games on the Internet nowadays, where children will have to solve basic equations non-stop or within a certain limit of time.

There are also online games that can help hone creative skills and management skills, or even a mixture of both. If you are trying to use online games to teach younger children certain skills, then you might want to opt for games that feature their favorite cartoon characters. A lot of the time, children respond better when they see their favorite characters on the computer screen as they play.

There are also a lot of social media games that can help children multi-task and exercise their brain better. Believe it or not, even the most basic Facebook games out there can do wonders at exercising a child’s brain, no matter how futile they may seem.

Overall, it goes without saying that using online games for teaching and learning processes can definitely be very beneficial due to the convenience, accessibility and pleasure that come therewith. You just need ot make sure that your kids play the right ones.

Image Credit: Jeroen van Oostrom

Author Bio:
David Miller is an educational researcher who has vast experience in the field of teaching, Online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. He’s also an ed-tech veteran, currently pursuing research in new eLearning developments and contributing author with ProProfs.

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Replace Your Wedding Photographer With These Apps

Replace Your Wedding Photographer With These Apps

Imagine how great it would be if you could get out of spending one to four thousand dollars on a wedding photographer and still get the most wonderful pictures of your special day. This is all possible through a wedding photo app. If that is not enough to get you excited, then how about the fact that you can get such an app for just around $100? You will still have to pay to have the photos printed and framed, but you cut your wedding photography costs down an impressive amount. Here are some of the best photo apps that 2014 has to offer.

1. Wedsta

Remember when cameras were put out for the wedding guests to pick up and take pictures of the bride and groom, themselves and other people at the wedding? Well, this app really simplifies the whole process and is compatible with any iPhone or Android. You get the app and setup your account, then make sure that each of your guests has the app on their phone and is registered in your account. From here, a digital copy of any pictures your guests take while using the app will appear in your account, and you can access these pictures to share, print, edit, etc. for a year.

2. Capsule

This is a new one that's still free. Just like the other photo apps, Capsule allows anyone who you grant access to upload photos to your album. In addition, your guests can also choose the photos they want as keepsakes and print them on their own or order them.

Those whom the bride and groom grant access to their account can also like and comment on any photos in the album, whether they were present at the wedding or not. Popular social media accounts are also integrated so that the bride and groom can share their pics easily and quickly. If you have pictures on Instagram that you would like to include in your Capsule album, then you can do that as well through the use of the famous hashtag. There is no expiration date for this app, so you and others you invite can begin adding photos as early as you like.

3. Wedding Snap

This is another photo app that is compatible with both iPhones and Androids. Pricing starts at $99. With this app, your wedding moments are captured through the eyes of your family and dear friends rather than some photographer. Anyone you share this app with can take both pictures and videos of your wedding. There is no expiration date on your account so you can go to your Wedding Snap gallery and enjoy the special memories captured here forever. Since you can purchase this app as early as you want, you can capture those special moments from prewedding days as well.

4. Wed Pics

This wedding photo app seems to have some neat features and it's free. The bride and groom as well as an unlimited amount of guests can upload videos as well as photos. Uploads can then be organized into different albums. Those who were unable to attend the wedding can also be granted access to view the photos. You can do high quality downloads of any of the photos for printing and conventional framing or digital framing. There is no expiration on storage time, so you can download the app and make an account as soon as you want and include photos from events such as the proposal, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, etc.

ixigo Travel App for Windows

ixigo Travel App for Windows

Searching for flights on your Windows phone has never been more easier with the ixigo travel app that brings the features of the flight app, hotel app and the train app merged into a mega product that will solve all your travel needs. Here’s what all you can do:
  • Compare the prices and information from more than 100 travel sites for the best hotel and airline deals
  • Find the cheapest airfares and hotel deals across the world on a single platform
  • Read unlimited reviews from leading hotel review sites
  • Find train schedules, seat availability, PNR status and real time train running information
  • Browse through different train routes and choose the most convenient option
  • Explore berth/seat maps to select convenient seats
  • Rate and review trains.
The app has three sections: Flights, trains and hotels. Below are the features of these three sections in more detail.

Flight Search

Forget logging onto your computer every time you book your flight. The smart and intuitive flight app brings you the best and cheapest rates available across India’s leading travel agencies, such as jet airways and makemytrip, on a single platform. So you won’t need to check different websites for the cheapest airfares. The simple, fast and functional design offers you a seamless experience from searching your flights to booking it on the website of your choice from your Windows smartphone.

Train and PNR

This segment has all the features of the award-winning ixigo Indian rail and train app. Very useful for frequent train travellers, this app solves the problem of finding train availability, PNR status, train running status and more. You will receive notifications when your PNR status is updated or if your train has been delayed/cancelled. You can also compare routes of various trains and select the one that is most convenient. This segment allows you to rate and review various trains and go through other user reviews to help you make a more informed choice.


This new section helps you find the best hotels in the places you are visiting according to your budget. Similar to the flight app, you can search and compare more than 250,000 hotels across the globe, from multiple travel sites, on a single platform. You can also rate and review hotels and read through the numerous user reviews collected from the best hotel review sites. This segment also contains an impressive list of budget hotels in all the major cities, complete with pictures, room rates and amenities available. The best part is, you can call these hotels and further negotiate on the prices mentioned.

This travel app for Windows smartphone is truly a timesaver when it comes to travelling. The attractive and fast interface also comes without annoying advertisements. The compact size of 3.8 MB is an added boon. All in all, the ixigo travel app for Windows smartphone is an amazing one app solution for all your travel bookings. We give two thumbs up for this app. Get it at the Windows App Store now!

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This post is submitted by Chandralekha. This time she has written information about ixigo travel app for windows. In order to make your trip hassle free use best rail app and PNR app etc. Hope the information shared about the travel app may help to plan your trip.

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Online Flashcards: An Effective Learning Tool

Online Flashcards
An entire study session can become useless if the information being read is not readily absorbed. Not much learning happens in a boring study session. It needs to be more engaging and interesting for a student to easily grab the concepts being taught. Flashcards are a perfect tool for this purpose. It becomes easier for a student to process information if it is provided in a highly interactive, fun and engaging manner. Unlike other study resources, the effects of using this learning tool are visible straight away. Let’s look at online flashcards in a more detailed way.

How are Online Flashcards Different from their Traditional Counterparts?

The purpose of online flashcards is the same as traditional ones. Students use the course material and other relevant information in order to create their own summarized engaging flashcards, which are then used to revise what have been learned so far.

So, what is the difference then? The difference comes with the use of modern technology. Online flashcards not only help students fulfill their study goals, but provide a much more engaging and interactive effective learning tool. They are not another electronic, flashier version of the traditional means of learning, but are in fact a handy addition to the learning system.

Why Use Online Flashcards

With the availability of free online study tools, making flashcards is not a difficult task. Flashcards can be easily created and stored online. You no longer have to spend hours and hours making flashcards. With online software applications you can create colorful, attractive and engaging flashcards in a matter of minutes. You can even add pictures and small animations.

You no longer have to carry the flashcards physically. Since, most services are cloud based, flashcards created can be accessed from anywhere. You will also not have to worry about forgetting your flashcards at home. They will be with you all the time. You just have to use a compatible device to access them over the internet.

Besides all this, creating online flashcards does not cost you any money. Different sites allow users to create online flashcards free of cost. Similarly, these online flashcards are stored in the form of libraries. You can easily arrange them according to subject matter and the sequence you desire to study them in. Unlike traditional flashcards, online flashcards can be shared among several people at the same time.

Online flashcards can be used in different ways. You can not only revise and learn from them but put them to other uses as well. For example, you can randomize the flashcards you have created and create a quiz for yourself. The quiz will be based on the information you have added to your online flashcards, giving you the chance to test your knowledge in a stress-free environment.

Online Flashcards and Teachers

Students are not the only ones who can use online flashcards. Teachers can make use of online flashcards to enhance the effectiveness of their classes. Students can be asked to prepare online flashcards as their assignments. Similarly, teachers can also use online flashcards to create quizzes and test their students’ knowledge and skills. Good thing about this is that students will not feel stressed or pressured. Rather, they will see an online quiz as some form of puzzle or game. Besides this, teachers can simply review the flashcards created by each student from time to time to check on their progress.

Online flashcards are an effective learning tool that not only gives students an interactive and engaging means to study, but facilitates teachers and helps them improve the effectiveness of their teaching sessions as well.

Author Bio:
David Miller is an educational researcher who has vast experience in the field of teaching, Online testing and training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. He’s also an ed-tech veteran, currently pursuing research in new eLearning developments and contributing author with ProProfs.

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