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iOS 8 vs iOS 7: Which One to Choose and Why?

iOS 8 vs iOS 7:  Which One to Choose and Why?
It's been a year since Apple introduced iOS7 to the world by calling it as a “stunning new user interface”. Since that the world started thinking it as one of the biggest updates in the realm of mobile operating systems. Indeed, its simple, beautiful design, feel instantly familiar, which creates a useful and enjoyable experience to its users. While iOS7 bought a huge change in the asetheticity of iOS, it was more or less a rehashed version of the previous installments, with just a few added features. On the other hand, iOS8 emerges as an important and massive overhaul in the way Apple released its previous OS versions.

Apples's next release iOS8 has come up with many new features and upgradations that users will certainly appreciate. To give a better idea of both of the operating systems, we are presenting you a comparison review of iOS7 and iOS8 to help Apple fans to decide which one they would like to have or whether they should upgrade their device to the new OS version.

1) iOS8 vs iOS7: Visual Design

When Apple launched iOS7, people were more concerned about the way Apple has created its UI and visuals which was “flatter”, brighter, more colorful and strickingly different from iOS6. But, if we talk about iOS8, frankly speaking, it has borrowed its visual interface from iOS7, except from a few subtle variations. The UI of iOS8 is flat just like iOS7, and Apple fans who are more concernd about the looks might find it disappointing. On the other hand, those who are planning to upgrade from iOS6 to 7 might find it exciting as they will have an entirely new interface.

2) iOS8 vs iOS7: Continuity

iOS8 vs iOS7: Continuity

So, as of now you got to know that Apple hasn't changed the visuals of iOS8 and its still the “flat” design just like iOS7. So, if visuals are the same then what are changes that Apple has brought to its users? Obviously, its the core features that remain the focal point while designing iOS8. Continuity is one the most noticeable functions that the latest release will support. Now, you must be thinking what this continuity means? It's actually a set of features that help you to stay seamlessly connected with your other Apple devices.

The example of this is the new Handoff feature, which enables the user to continue with their textual or phone conversations side by side of your other Apple devices. Means, now you can go on with your conversations even if your switch between your devices. Handoff will show you a link, once you've connected both of the devices, so that you can carry forward your conversation. So, if you are talking on the phone and suddenly realise the need of your Mac, what you all need is just simply carry forward the conversation.

3) iOS8 vs iOS7: Keyboard

Another striking feature with which every iPhone App Developer must be awara that Apple has introduced to its OS software. In the past, many users complaint about the limited keyboard options as the previous versions only supported the default type keyboard. However, in iOS8, Apple has finally give an opportunity to install a third-party software such as Swiftkey or Swype on their devices. In iOS7 it featured a native Quicktype keyboard and it lacks some advanced features if we compare it with the latest version. Plus, it also does not provide developers with a facility to access API like iOS8

4) iOS8 vs iOS7: Health Review

iOS8 vs iOS7: Health Review
One of the biggest and most hyped features of iOS8 is its wealth of health and fitness apps. iOS8 is purely dedicated to fitness fanatics to help them better keep a firm track of their personal and fitness data. The Health umbrella app offers a wide range of possibilities to to monitor, track, record, and analyse the fitness schedules accross a variety of levels. Although, Health app was too available in iOS7, the new additions made in iOS8 making it more popular and garnering an impressive fan base worldwide.

5) iOS8 vs iOS7: Camera

iOS8 comes up with a host of innovative camera and album features which makes it truly stand out as compare to the previous versions. The camera not only gives sharp and clear appeal, but include several rich features such as time-lapse video, independent exposure, focus controls and many more.

6) iOS8 vs iOS7: Notifications

iOS8 vs iOS7: Notifications
Apple takes the notifications to a new level in iOS8, by making it all the more interactive and user-oriented than iOS7. The updates enable the users to directly interact with the apps through the notification screen. You can do voice messages, answer to your Facebook messages or Whatsapp and a lot more.


So, there we have it, a list of few but significant features of both of the operating systems. The differences between both of them are actually not “differences” but are just few more improvements here and there to make it more impressive for the user. Now, you question yourself which one you would like to have. The answer depends on how you look and percieve of the features.

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Rick Brown
Rick Brown is a tech savvy content writer associated with a renowned iOS Application Development Company – Mobiers Ltd. You can avail iPhone Application Developers as well in case you are looking forward for the same.

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Better Ways to Blog

Better Ways to Blog
With the rise of the Internet it seems like everyone you meet is a writer or blogger. No longer do you need a published book to verify that you indeed write for a living. But there is a vast difference between someone writing for passion and for profession. So how can you turn your passion into an income maker?

1. Become an authority on your subject

Knowledge is power and the more you know about what you're writing, the more it shows in your content. If you can provide the answers and knowledge on a topic, people will continue to come back to you blog, as you are answering their questions. As you become an authority in your industry people will start following your blogs to keep up to date with industry news. Thus, giving you more bargaining power when negotiating payment for sponsored work.

2. Target an audience through keyword search

Know your market. An audience is already available for you if you're willing to do some keyword research. Answer the questions asked on search engines and you will easily find a captivated audience. This means all search engines including Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. They are all large search engines and by finding out what people are looking for you can supply to a demand rather then creating one yourself.

3. Make it interesting

There is a lot of competition out there especially online. To stand out from the crowd, try something different. Videos or info graphics is a great way to capture people's attention and get them reading the entire article. Videos and graphics are also more commonly shared then just plain text.

4. Link your blog to all social platforms

There's no better way to get more people viewing your blog then through social media. When someone shares something on their Facebook or Twitter page there are more chances of people viewing it as they see it as a recommendation from an acquaintance. However buying likes and shares have no benefit, as they are not from real profiles. This is just a popularity contest and it will not help with building a real following.

5. Write for authoritative sites

Get your foot in the door by writing for credible sites. The more you write the more you'll build up your blogging profile. Seek out the best sites within your industry and offer to write for them. It's like the modern day internship!

6. Be easy to find

You've done all the hard work with your blogs but people can't contact you. What's the point in that? Make sure you have your own website with your contact details. Provide multiple options of contact for users, as some won't like filling out contact forms. To make yourself more accessible make sure you provide your email and social contact information as well.
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How to Create an Awesome Interactive Experience Online

How to Create an Awesome Interactive Experience Online
In today's day and age, most aspects of running a business are performed online. From dealing directly with customers on social media to putting together a website where clients can get better informed on services offered, the Internet ultimately holds the key to a company's success. That's why it's so crucial that businesses create awesome interactive experiences for their customers online.

It's simple to do this too. One way to make clients have a more interactive experience online is by inserting forums into your company's website. By doing this, you allow your customers to further discuss the products or items that you offer. Besides this, it also gives your clients a chance to interact with one another, while comparing notes on what they recommend purchasing or looking further into.

Similar to creating a forum on your website, you can also promote interactivity by giving your users the option of commenting on content posted. When you do this, you are now giving those people supporting your venture the opportunity to voice their options directly to you. This will not only make them feel like they are having a real say in what's going on, but also allow you to get immediate feedback on what you're doing right and in some cases, wrong.

Then, there is the option of putting in a live chat with staff feature. With this included on your website, your users will have the chance to talk directly with a representative from your company. In other words, now customers can ask questions or just discuss any comments or concerns they may have. This leaves customers with immediate satisfaction, as they feel their thoughts are being placed in the hands of people who can take what they're saying and make a difference with it. In fact, a lot of times these live chat features apply popular instant messaging programs that many customers already know how to work, making this process a whole lot easier for everyone involved.

Like with the live chat with staff feature, you can also put together a live chat with other users solution. This way users can talk with one another about what's being offered, providing vital information with each other along the way. However, since some users may be more outspoken than others, this feature will require you to moderate what's going on at all times. For instance, if a customer uses colorful language or says something completely inappropriate, you'll have to take down their chat message immediately. This engaging addition is worth the extra work, though, since it allows your company to build a sense of community among the users.

Another action you can take to make your website more interactive is hosting different podcasts monthly, weekly or even daily. Podcasts give you the opportunity to talk directly with your customers and further discuss your products and services. However, it also lets your clients have the chance to call in and ask any questions they may have. This lets those people supporting you better understand who you are as a company and what you can offer them in the long run that other businesses can't.

Whether you're a company that hands out free kitchen design software (check out Digital Decorator for an example of someone who has done this elegantly) or you're a business that offers your customers the chance to design a home online, interactivity will make a huge difference in your success rate. That's because this allows customers to feel more involved and invested, leading to a long history of business transactions down the road.

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This post comes from Archie, who writes for the Cookware Blog, check out his latest post on Five of the Best Kitchen Design Tools, be sure to check it out.

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Best Blogging Practices for Lawyers

Best Blogging Practices for Lawyers

Even though blogging came into existence many years back in form of online journals, different individuals used it to share their interesting web finds, thoughts as well as other media. Blogging has emerged as the best platform to communicate with customers and clients. In the legal industry, blogging has been embraced as it offers great techniques to attract many potential clients who use search engines in order to get some answers for the legal advice. Solicitors are not easy to get and therefore clients tend to go for qualified individuals to represent them in the court.

The following are some of the best blogging practices for lawyers that they have found to be the most appropriate strategies for engagement with the clients:

1) Create posts that are tailored towards your legal professionalism

In case you are a defense lawyer who has twenty years experience in cases related to family issues, then a family lawyer should not blog about any prospective changes to the family laws. It is extremely essential to recall that the main objective of your blogs should be to attract potential clients who face legal issues that fall into your expertise field. You should think about your blog as just an extension to your expertise persona and only post information that would apply to the personal legal position.

2) Write as regularly as you can

Probably some of the toughest aspect of blogging would be to keep up with the schedule of consistent writing. Whereas the content of your blogging is very essential, the regularity and volume of your post is also very important to attract the readership attention.

Bloggers also operate just like a sprinter participating in a marathon. You should desist from writing a lot of information very fast. You should write down the main topics of the prospective blog and maintain the topics in a list so that you can use them when there is need of posting the information.

Therefore, you should always stick to the schedule as it will help you in writing the blog. You should not treat any of your blogs as an additional responsibility that only depends on other things. Just try and get used to it being your expertise schedule. In case you are planning to be noticed, you will need to catch up with other lawyers who are competing for the attention of the same clients. This means that you will need to post your blogs at least once per week.

3) Involve social media in your blogging

Some criminal lawyers think that writing blogging contents is difficult. Luckily, blogs and social media often have perfect relationship with each other. Followers of social media sites can and are believed to be very organized into the growth demand. The number of “likes” that you have does not actually translate into the value of the business unless an individual is active in urging them to be part of the essential community. Just try and make posits that are fully complete with the image attachments as well as beautiful inviting messages in order to attract any interested party to blog any information that you write on the teaser line. Besides, always respond carefully to the questions and comments that are posted to the social media pages.

The above three practices are essential for a family lawyer and criminal lawyers. In addition to right solicitors, then cases should be easily resolved in court.

Author Bio:
Sally Smith writes for Alexander Law, a law firm specializing in Criminal Law, Family Law, Property Law, Corporate Law and more.

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Disrupting Technologies Of The Year 2014

Disrupting Technologies Of The Year 2014
Those who invest in technology must always contemplate troubled innovations that area unit coming back forward within the market. These area unit trends that have the potential to make entirely a replacement trade and displacing others within the method. Innovation isn't a nasty seed associated on its own isn’t disrupting however ought to show some price profit to really place an impactful performance. Only the prevailing market price is completed and broken by the new technology it takes over to formally become a troubled trend.

The Ascent of Digital government

The year 2014 marks World Wide Web’s twentieth day of remembrance. This suggests that those who area unit coming into their 40s can have had spent their skilled career entirely with net once they become powerful and accountable within the company. Their methods can embrace priorities to the digital platform as well as the mobile and social networking which will be developed for the departments and soon for the businesses. This time being is that such things can eventually find you in conflicts in government board rooms.

Big information can Trend

The huge information market is incredibly exhilarating and is sort of advancing as noted at this year’s Open View wherever several nice big information start-ups showcased their growth. The forecast is that huge information can get a vast boost and can be adopted across as last year has been terribly positive. Huge information can persevere growing and has the potential to become a thought technology by the top of this year. More start-ups area unit probably to begin rising as scaled businesses that offer a spread of vertical zed and segmental huge information tools and services.

The World of Automation

Automation can presently be touching all walks of lives because it is that the most generally recognized trend on the list. Right from production lines to move to serving food on the plates, computers and robots are operating for each single operation. It’s no secret that automatic technology is slowly getting down to creep into our daily lives already however this can be simply the start and also the future holds for more. Successive 10-30 years can see an excellent deal of automation and can be conveyance an enormous wave of each economic destruction and prosperity. The key areas which will gain profit are automatic retail, AI and AI.

The Internet in Everything

In the digital age most things are connected to every different like ne'er before and can be able to offer with extremely correct info. The question to rise is whether or not corporations can maintain with the trending digitally connected world and have the benefit of it. The demand for quickly growing for wearable devices with technology advancing day after day and has higher ability to gather information could be a sign. Smartphone users’ information sharing is alleged to double by 2015 resulting in additional information collected. For a shorter term, businesses area unit even additional compact by the device price dropping in addition like that for information storage.

3D Printing

3D printing is gaining lots of attention within the business world and is currently a thought technology in most producing industries. The thought of 3D printing is fascinating for product-centric enterprises or corporations United Nations agency style and supply package development. Such additive producing so won't stay solely amongst industrial users however can become a key element in several workplace environments. There's heap of plug around 3D printing and it will qualify as a disrupting innovation there's lot of inflation within the expectations for few 3D printing corporations.

Next-Gen Interface

There are a unit bound warranted trends in client hardware however the one factor which will ne'er amendment is that the movability of devices. Within the past it meant making chips, batteries and computers of smaller sizes. However in today’s market devices area unit shrinking and supply all the mandatory tools. Over successive decade wearable and embedded computers can take over. to assist the position and size of such devices non-touch interface strategies are used.

Trendsetting Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one in every of the foremost enticing technologies these days attributable to its measurability and security, which may facilitate in obtaining higher productivity gains for organizations. Cloud computing can disrupt the market by enhancing information center choices and is expressed that by 2016 quite five hundredth world a thousand corporations are storing customer-sensitive information within the public cloud.

Preparing for Disruption

There is no manner one will address each side of disruption however there are a unit several approaches business leaders will initiate to organize for close at hand disruption. For the network infrastructure follow a multi-vendor approach or standards-based approach. Within the past resolution suppliers relied and promoted single seller approach for ease in spec with cost-efficient manner of maintaining and building information centers. However with the accelerated growth of IT, it's not sensible for a corporation to reply on simply one manufacturer.

Disruptive technology isn't a replacement conception and trendy enterprises have weather-beaten several disruptions over the years. With economic improvement and advancement in technology additional revolutions can occur, the enterprise is the place to urge all the action.

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I’m Emily Taylor I have worked in a number of SEO projects and have a good insight into creating a web design with SEO techniques incorporated in it. Apart from web designing and SEO I also contribute high-quality articles to top class websites and blogs. For more information on SMO Service Companies and search engine optimization services.

Emily Taylor

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Mid-Range Prices For High End Devices Swamped The Indian Market

Mid-Range Prices For High End Devices Swamped The Indian Market
India is the third largest smartphone selling country after China and USA, because of the latest smartphones launched in the market for the users which are gaining great user ship. All these flooded the Indian market with budget smartphones. From 2012 many mobile brands came with high end devices at mid ranges like Micromax, Karbonn and Nokia Lumia and created a huge market for mid-range smartphones, and this grabbed a lot of attention of the users who prefer all high end features but can’t afford them and this made a chance for them to choose among a wide range and explore. There are many companies like Apple, Samsung, and HTC which have been in the lue taking up most of the attention of the users as theay used to provide with best smartphones, but slowly small ventures took up pace and came with many high end phones with mid-range like Sony, Asus, motorola, with almost all features users are now attracted to these devices and not just Indian companies this has expanded globally and the global phone makers have come up with many new devices such as Xiaomi with Mi 3, One Plus with One Plus One model and they have amazing features which are in competition with high range phones. Smartphone sales in the country tripled to over 44 million in 2013. In the first quarter of 2014, 17.59 million smartphones were shipped into India, compared with 6.14 million in the same period last year, according to research firm IDC.

These mid-range smartphones with high end features shouldn’t be misled as normal features as they compete well with high range smartphones companies like Apple and Samsung and give users a full proof look and usage of high features. These mid-range smartphones have quality features such as 13-16mp camera, with 1GB-3GB RAM and internal memory starting from 16GB which can be in many devices and are expandable up to 32GB, HD display, they run on quad-core processor and are quite good for making videos and almost all of them are powered by Android 4.4 OS and in few they can be updated to newer versions and have good power backups with almost 3000mAh battery to 4000mAh battery.

Certainly with all these features it is giving tough competition to the market rulers Apple and Samsung and they seem to be less attractive among users now. And now with less growth for Samsung it have started with mid-range devices like the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 which is offered at a price of 11,450 INR. With such newer innovations and new technologies coming up in the market this has created a huge engagement of global developers in India as well giving India a good chance to be the first on the list of top sellers for smartphones. These High-End launches at Mid-Range prices led to a deluge in the Indian market and it is giving users an up most opportunity to choose from different variants and can easily get the best deals.

Image Credit: jesadaphorn

Author Bio:
Lakshya is a tech lover and smart phone enthusiast working as a marketing analyst at Zopper. He loves to be updated with latest mobile & gadget technologies. He likes connecting with people and is an active volunteer in various social initiatives. Drop a line on his twitter handle @kumawatlakshya

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5 Awesome Web Design Pinterest Boards You May Have Missed

5 Awesome Web Design Pinterest Boards You May Have Missed
Pinterest is a wonderful tool for new and seasoned website creators looking for additional inspiration, tips, industry connections and perhaps even new clients. There are many talented and well-known designers who use the Pinterest platform to create boards dedicated to the subject of website design and development. These boards are essentially collections of content (mostly images) that the contributor thinks will be interesting or helpful to other users of the site. When this content is being posted by reputable web professionals, the advice and wisdom that you can gain may actually increase your abilities, and your profits too! By knowing which posters to follow and who is posting the most helpful information, it will ensure that you spend less time browsing through the hundreds of other lower quality boards, and more time learning about the industry from the people who know it well. If you would like to stay on the cutting-edge of the website design world, here are some amazing Pinterest boards that we think you should be following.

1) Rusty C. Cook (ohrusty)

In addition to posting about well-designed web and mobile websites, Chicago, IL based designer Rusty C. Cook also has boards dedicated to other subjects relevant to the industry that many would find helpful, such as typography, branding and general layout.

2) Eva Morell (evamorell)

Freelance designer Eva Morell is a very prolific Pinterest poster, curating over a hundred different collections of design related images and other inspirational content, including a comprehensive board dedicated to great website design examples.

3) Web Design Library (webdesignorg)

Stacy Summers is the chief editor of, and she shares her extensive knowledge about the subject of her expertise to her dedicated Pinterest fans on her board “Web Design Tips & Tricks.”

4) Design Quixotic (helloquixotic)

With almost 82,000 followers, Brooklyn, NY, Art Director and Designer Thea Kennedy has a collection dedicated specifically to digital design, with many images and screenshots of superbly designed websites to inspire.

5) Waila Skinner (waila)

As the head of W Creative in Missouri, independent designer Waila Skinner has learned a plethora of website design tips, hints and tricks over the years, and regularly posts unique tutorials and links to quality content.

We hope that you have found our list of useful and informative web design Pinterest boards helpful in your quest to become a better webmaster. By learning from the pros, you will pick up good habits and learn how to spark your creative and business side in ways that you never thought to be possible. In addition to the Pinterest users listed in this article, it’s always a good idea to see who the masters follow as well. By clicking on the board owner’s profile, you can get a list of the people that they also follow, which can often lead to even more awesome Pinterest collections. In an ever changing industry such as website design, a never-ending source of spectacular, up-to-date content is a must-have tool in any designer’s arsenal.

Image Credit: kromkrathog

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This post comes from Sarah at Orange Digital, a hardworking web design agency in Brisbane. Not just a web design firm, their blog contains plenty of social media tips and tricks including ways to leverage your Pinboard for more business.

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How to Maximize your Blog’s Reach

How to Maximize your Blog’s Reach
With blogging becoming such a trend in today’s world, there are more and more people turning to it, seeking a second source of income. With so much competition how can you get your blog to stand out above the rest? It’s more then just writing a good article. Below are some tips on how to get your blog post noticed.

1. Maximize the SEO of Each Blog

We all know that websites need to be optimized for search engine’s keyword results. But what about each individual blog post? As each post is a page within a site it can be optimized to answer search results also. This can indirectly lead people back to your main page and help increase traffic to your blog. By understanding what people are looking for online, you can optimize your blog to answer their enquiries. Therefore you blog could actually rank for that particular question and this can increase the reach of your blog.

2. Promoting You Blog Through Social Media

Clearly the world is going more social. Social media was more commonly used by smaller business as a cheaper form of marketing. It provided a quicker and more direct form of communication to their consumers. As the convenience of social media has grown in popularity, it has prompted for larger organizations to use social media. Instead of the traditional methods of communication such as emails and phones.

This shows how important it is to promote your blog posts on social media. It’s no longer good enough to do blogging as a side project. Your readers want to know who you are and most readers would not hesitate to do a little research on social platforms first. Sharing your blog on social media is just the new age way of word of mouth advertising. The benefits of social media are that it has a wider reach as many users have public profiles. Allowing for your blog to be shared and re-shared.

The importance of a business’s online image plays such a major role, in its success, that there are many dishonest websites emerging and taking advantage of this market. Although social sharing is important you should not give in to the temptation of buying likes, shares or re-tweets. This sort of business has sprung up, all across the world, from countries like Canada, Brazil and Spain. It is also commonly sold through sites like fiverr. It is dodgy and a waste of money as it does not give you real fans, they will never interact with you on your blog.

When real people read and share or re-tweet your blog it creates organic links that also help with your search engine rankings. This new form of linking is said to be the future of SEO.

3. Social Platforms are Search Engines Too

Many more people are looking for answers on social platforms rather then a search engine. Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world and it is a video sharing social platform. By promoting your blog on social media it allows for more people to find your blog and become a follower.
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