Thursday, January 2, 2014

How People Can Protect Themselves

Companies, government and medical institutions should know what to do to protect their business assets, customers and employees. Some data breaches take place after the physical theft of electronic equipment. Businesses should install security measures such as cameras, to record break-ins. Security alarms can scare off thieves who want to gain access to personal or financial information. Business owners can also use the Kensington lock port located on desktop and laptop computers and physically secure them to desks with a strong cable.

Businesses, employees and customers can protect their personal data, such as credit card account numbers, Social Security numbers and bank routing numbers, by encrypting them.

Wireless networks are vulnerable to a theft technique called “wardriving.” Hackers drive through business areas, using a laptop to scan for wireless networks that are not password-protected. These unprotected networks allow the hacker to break into the network, looking for medical and financial data, as well as passwords.

How People Can Protect Themselves

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  1. Another good practice is to change the password after any breach that
    may occur, even if the person was caught or you believe you know the
    extent of the breach. Chances are, some passwords were already
    transferred and can be used to plant even more eyes on the server,
    system, whatever it may be. Don't wait for that scheduled password
    change if you suspect anything suspicious at all.

  2. You are right Jonathan, Whenever suspicious things happens, Changing the password is a very essential thing!

    Thanks for standby and leaving your valuable comment, You are always welcome Jonathan :D


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