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5 Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Tips

Backup your files on discs!
Backup your files on discs and be sure to store them in a secure location off-site.
Whether you own a large corporation or run a small business from home, it is essential that you are aware of the Importance of data backup and disaster recovery. Unfortunately you can never predict when disaster is going to strike in the work place. A disaster can be anything from system failure, to damage caused by a flood, fire or earthquake. Many businesses that experience a disaster never fully recover. Follow our simple tips below to ensure that your business does not become one of them.

1.) Primary back-up solutions:

Your customer database is one of your most valuable assets. Without it your business may not be able to function. This is why it is essential to make back-up copies of your database as well as other important files and information. Back-up copies can be made on disks, USB sticks and external hard drives. Understandably many business owners are wary of copies being made, especially of confidential data, so it is important that these copies are stored in a secure location off-site.

2.) Secondary back-up solutions:

Larger businesses will be able to store back-up copies of their files in an off-site data centre, but this is not an affordable option for many small to medium sized businesses. Instead why not Store your files on the cloud? This virtual form of storage, known as cloud computing, enables businesses to upload their files to a safe place on the internet. These files can be accessed remotely using a username and password.

Cloud computing is an affordable solution for small to medium sized businesses. Shop around to find the host offering the best price and be sure to check their terms and conditions. Using cloud storage will give you the peace of mind knowing that your files are safe, even if your physical IT infrastructure has been damaged.

3.) Use a virtual server:

A virtual server is capable of hosting a replica of your physical environment. It can be accessed remotely and often works out much cheaper than having a physical back-up server. If something unfortunate has happened to your workplace, you can simply access the virtual server within minutes from an off-site location.

4.) Create a data retention policy:

All businesses should have a data retention policy in place. This policy should inform your employees of the importance of backing up their data. It should tell them what data they need to back up, when they should do it and how it needs to be done. Business owners should schedule regular back-up sessions and appoint a member of their team to oversee it. If you fail to teach your staff the importance of backing up data, you may find that you are left with out of date copies of your files, which will not be of any worth to your business in the event of a disaster.

External hard drives are great for backing-up
External hard drives are great for backing-up data but it is essential that they are kept in a secure location, especially if they contain confidential data.

5.) Test your plan:

It is important to create a disaster and recovery plan that is clear, concise and easy for your staff to follow. A step-by-step guide is always useful. Appoint a leader to oversee the whole procedure as you may be busy doing other things like contacting your insurance company.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to regularly test your plan. It would be no good to find out that your back-up copies do not work, or that you cannot gain access to your virtual server in the middle of a disaster. The more you test your plan, the less likely you are to face problems recovering your data, should disaster strike your workplace.

The key to successful data back-up and disaster recovery planning is to always plan for the worst. It is much better to spend time and money preparing for a disaster than to find that you are left with no resources to run your business if something unfortunate happens.

Author Bio:
Written by SAS London, digital agency based in the United Kingdom.

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Few Most Popular Online Bmx Games

Few Most Popular Online Bmx Games

Online gaming industry has been on a roll recently. Millions of games have emerged on the surface of internet and thousands are adding up daily. This immense addition is because of the massive demand of online gaming that has emerged. Due to the advent of fast internet connections and high-end graphics cards, it has become possible to play high graphic games online without having to install anything in your PC and waste your disk space that much. Same goes for the industry of BMX Games Online, more and more companies are launching various kinds of BMX games due to its high demand in online gaming industry.

Most of the BMX games you will find on web will have high-end graphics and fancy background music being used in them.

Few of the most famous Online BMX games are:

  • Alex Trax
  • Extreme
  • Park
  • Ramp
  • Tricks
  • Street Ride
  • BMX Boy
  • Ghost
  • BMX Master
  • Pro-Style
  • Stunts
  • BMX Back Flips
BMX Street Ride is considered as best of all of them, with a very high-end graphics and detailed instructions for beginners on how to play and master BMX. Games like BMX Street Ride has made it very easy for beginners to learn the BMX riding and master the tricks and stunts, most of the beginners prefer to play the Freestyle BMX ride in this game which makes it a very good learning experience for beginners and can be used as an effective training tool for even experienced Cyclists.

BMX Master Game is one another popular BMX game online, this game has a lot more professional look and provides cooler and sophisticated features, such as you can conduct a championship in this game which make the whole BMX gaming a lot more fun and interactive. Furthermore, if you are a cycling enthusiast, who likes to perform cool stunts, than this game would be the perfect choice as it has a huge library of tricks and stunts to perform.

Similarly, BMX Pro Style has very impressive features as well, which makes it a great choice for both BMX beginners and experts. You can try most of the real-world tricks and scenarios in this game without having to actually put your body on the line and face the risk of an injury. This game has a very simple learning curve, and within a day or two you would be able to play it like an expert. Amazing back flips and wheelies are the best attraction for this game which makes it liked passionately among young cyclists.

Another game that has a very good following is BMX Park, which is popular because of having very cool backgrounds and locations; its graphics is also very high-end and makes you feel as if you are riding the bike in real world.

Above mentioned are just few of the many popular BMX Games online. In order to choose the right game to play you would have to find out your exact requirements and preferences and then select the most appropriate one.

Author Bio:
Eric is Hardware and Networking Technician who loves to write on the Latest in Gaming Technology. In his Free Time he loves to play BMX Bike Games.

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The Best Concert Ticket Apps For Amazing Deals

Getting tickets for the biggest concert of the Summer is not always plain sailing and quite often we need to tighten the purse strings so we can afford that ticket. Concert ticket sites like BoxOfficeHero and TicketMaster usually offer some good value deals for shows, but to be sure that you are getting the best possible deal you should take a look at these powerful smartphone apps specifically for buying tickets, to make real savings on your tickets.

eSeats Tickets (Free)

eSeats is an app that is well loved by all of its users. Money back guarantees and a dedication to customer service make it a safe bet for those of us that are new to ticket apps. eSeats prides itself on allowing only genuine tickets to be sold through its app and their well placed connections within the business enable them to offer tickets to shows that are already sold out.

Verdict – A simple app with great resources for finding good deals and excellent customer service.

StubHub (Free)

Download via iTunes
StubHub boasts that they bring the world’s largest ticket marketplace right to your Smartphone, and with hundreds of ticket retailers to choose from, finding good value for money is not such a difficult task. StubHub also allows ticket holders to sell on unwanted tickets through the app and while buying tickets in this manner usually ends up costing a small fortune, you’d be surprised how much some will sell their extra stubs for just to get rid of them.

Verdict – A large database of ticket retailers plus private sellers gives you greater odds at finding a good deal.

Live Nation (Free)

Download via Google play
The world’s leading live entertainment company have now got their very own app. Live Nation seems to be the app that’s in the know when it comes to ticket sales. Exclusive app pre-sales, on sales, and last minute tickets are just some of the great deals that can be found in app. Find tickets for concerts that you thought were sold out and even get bargain tickets for the biggest shows.

Verdict – A great app for offering a variety of deals on tickets and a sure thing for good value.

SeatGeek (Free)

Download via iTunes
By far and away one of the best apps for getting deals on tickets is the SeatGeek app. This brilliant app has interactive maps that let you get right into the venue before you buy your ticket. You can easily see which tickets are good value as all of those available are highlighted in green and the pricey tickets are a dark red and easy to avoid. SeatGeek also uses a deal rating system that scores each ticket from 1-100 with regards to how good a deal you are getting.

Verdict – With fantastic interactive venue maps and a simple but very effective deal rating system, SeatGeek is an absolute must for concert goers looking for amazing deals.

Secure File Sharing Without Content Sharing

Secure File Sharing Without Content Sharing
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How often do you send emails, Word files or spreadsheets containing information that whilst not “top secret” it would be better that they were only accessed by your intended recipient? In the case of large file exchange or sharing this is normally achieved by uploading the file to a file sharing server and then letting the recipient know that it is there for them to download. Should we do more to protect these “shared files” from unauthorised access? Well in fact if these “file shares” are part and parcel to your companies business and contain any personal information you have a legal duty of care to ensure that their content is not revealed to the wider world.

Sending emails and files in “clear text” format is like sending your business letters on a post card. They can be intercepted and read by anyone who has the will to do so. Routinely our electronic ramblings are monitored by the various national security services at the very least.

So what can we do about it? We can obscure the content by means of encryption. By encrypting the content of an email or file we have effectively sealed it in an envelope. But surely this is going to be complicated and require the installation of software not only for me but also for my intended recipient, I hear you say. Well not necessarily. The new and emerging software solutions to this aged problem of providing robust encryption that everyone can use, simply without the need to understand all of the requisite complexities of random number generators, entropy and key pairs is proving that it is possible to bury these hitherto barriers within the program allowing a straightforward user interface to guide the user effortlessly through the maze in a couple of simple clicks.

If you will allow the pun, the “key” to this has been utilising a unique identifier for both sender and receiver. In this electronic age we all have such a thing, our email address! Imagine a system where a user’s email address is used in this way, the system can then generate key pairs associated with this address. These key pairs will be used to encrypt and decrypt any code the user may require protecting; emails, files, disks, thumb drives, CD-ROMs the list goes on. These encrypted portions of code can then be safely transported over any public or private network including the internet. They can even be stored on public servers awaiting collection by the recipient with the correct key/email address.

But how does the intended recipient’s email address work to decrypt the message? Easy because the data author or owner will know who they want to share that data with,so all that needs to happenis for the sender to supply the system with the email address of the intended recipient and it creates the necessary key pairs to enable encryption and decryption of the target code. These matching key pairs can be one-time pairs that will only apply to each data exchange further improving the security. Since each key pairing is only good for one exchange, if they were to be compromised it does not result in any future or past exchange being put at risk, clever!

This type of system can be used to encrypt emails, their attachments, files copied to disks, thumb drives, CD-ROMs in fact any media. Making use of a cloud based repository you instantly have the ability to transfer large encrypted files with users anywhere on the planet. Or if you prefer by hand via whatever storage medium you wish to use.

One such system Egress’s Switch even allows you to make these secure file transfers with user’s who are not subscribers to the system. This allows you to make secure exchanges with your trading partners or friends without the need for them to make any installation of software on their systems. Superb!

4 Ways Technology Could Save Lives

4 Ways Technology Could Save Lives

For those who can afford to have the best technology science has to offer, you are in for a treat as we go through some of the most innovative features available for us today. You will even see that some technologies are even overlooked or unheard of. We know some of the obvious types of technologies available, but did you know that some of these advancements can even save your life?

1.) Solar Charger

The whole point of having solar energy is that you can charge it anywhere sun is available. You don’t need to sit still or have to be in a specific place to take advantage of solar power, it's just simple - use the sun. At times solar chargers can get pricey, but when you are stranded and your GPS doesn't work, you will wish you dropped the extra cash for a solar charger. Solar Chargers work very effectively by converting the sun's rays into 12V electricity. You might not think you need it, but we will talk when you are at the top of your mountain and your phone is dead and unable to Instagram it.

2.) Technical Clothing

What? How can clothing be technical? It's so simple! Well it is. Scientists actually invented many of the materials used in outdoor clothing. I’m not sure why it's called technical clothing, but it is. In all simplicity it's based on a concept that if you layer more on you with in clothing (not just putting on 4 shirts) you will be safer from harsher weather conditions. You will find that most outdoor enthusiasts spend hundreds of dollars on technical clothing. The very effective but still expensive brand Patagonia offers plenty of options tailored for enthusiasts that are wanting to have extra safety as they go on a hike, climb, or a long trek with a bike.

3.) GPS

We tend to not think about what gps is doing exactly. When we are in a large city, we don’t really think about how cool it is and how easy it makes search engines do things for us. When we really need it to work, we are always in a place we are unfamiliar with. With the advancements of technology today, it's possible to be completely lost and with the use of GPS systems, we are able to get routed back on our way to where we want.

4.) Smart Homes

Most of the time we always worry about how we are doing when we're away from our home and only worry about the safety of our own (which is actually very important). We also need to take into consideration that our homes are in danger as well. Burglars take advantage of homeowners that are away from their homes for long periods of time. They even take note of when you leave the house. Think about this - You spend about 20 minutes outside your home packing everything for a huge getaway, and criminals take note of all that. There is a security systems company that allows you to arm your home from miles away and essentially protecting your home from criminals.

Using these type of technologies wont make criminals stop being criminals or stop you for sure from getting in dangerous situations, but it does have the potential to arm you with the appropriate devices to respond in the right way.

Author Bio:
Ronak is a blogger, writer, and a musician. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, & Soundcloud (@ronakbear).

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Smart Phone

Getting The Most Out Of Your Smart Phone
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If you're a smartphone owner, chances are, you're probably overwhelmed when choosing apps. While some people refuse to put more than one or two apps on their sound, others end up with far too many, slowing down their phone and not getting much use out of them. If you want to know how to make more out of your smartphone apps, use these tips to choose the best select apps for your phone.

Figure Out What You Need

What is the one thing that you wish your phone could do? Many people sit down and write a list, which may seem time consuming, but can turn out to be helpful. Do you want your phone to work as a GPS, store shopping lists, be able to find restaurants close? Figure out the top five or ten functions that you want to see in your phone. There are apps for almost everything today, so don't feel limited. Keep your list to 15 items or less if you want to maintain the speed of your phone.

Do your research after you have your list, search for apps and read what each app does and if it will be the best thing for your life style. If you want an app that tracks your running progress, look through a few of the many options before choosing one. Each app has slightly different specifications and browsing through a few before settling on one will make sure that you get the most use out of every app.

Limit Yourself

You may be tempted to choose multiple apps for the same function, but chances are you won't use these. For instance, there are multiple free news apps that are great for travelers who want to stay current. However, having 5 news apps is only going to clutter your phone and be redundant. You probably can get by with one or at the most, two newspaper apps. Try to stick with just one app for everything on your list of "must-haves" and avoid adding apps that you already have similar versions.

Break Out Your Wallet

There are many free apps and most of these free offers are great! Chances are, you can probably get the apps you want without spending a penny. However, in some instances, you may be better off paying a few bucks for one of your apps. This applies to Rippln mobile especially if you consider the benefits it brings. This goes back to the quality idea. A free app that doesn't do what you ask it to be worthless. If you pay a few bucks for an app that you'll use three times as much as a free one, you're getting your money's worth.

Switch It Out

Everyone changes and you'll find that the apps you originally chose for your phone may not be needed after a few months. Just like you spring clean your home, don't be afraid to spring clean your phone. Periodically check through your apps and find out which ones you're really not practicing anymore. This will help you to get the most use from each app and avoid slowing down your phone.

Author Bio:
Jocelyn D. Mejia is an active blogger on internet marketing trends, innovations and happenings in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Your Life Is In That Computer. Back It Up Properly!

Your Life Is In That Computer. Back It Up Properly!
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Computers are everything these days, in quite a literal sense. They are no longer just used to write papers or complete some work project. They are a portal into our social lives with social media, they contain and play all of our music, and, perhaps most importantly, they store most of our digital pictures. It feels good to have all your information stored in one, easy-to-access machine, but there is always the fear of losing the information. That is why now, more than ever, it is important to back up your computer.

But, what files should you backup and what options are available when it comes to Properly saving your important data? The simple answer is that you should back up whatever files are important to you. As far as options that are available, most experts recommend that you use the rule of threes when it comes to storage. This means that you should have a local backup, such as a physical DVD or external hard drive, you should have an off-site backup like an online cloud storage account, and you should have a copy that is saved on your computer. Although this may sound excessive, you can rest assured that you will never lose any of your important data.

Files Can Become Corrupted And Unreadable:

There are a variety of ways a computer can lose information, and, with digital media, it is all too easy to lose information. One of the easiest ways to lose your pictures is if they become corrupted. Only a tech junkie would be able to describe exactly how it happens, but, in layman’s terms, something about the file becomes unplayable. It could be as something as simple as the name of the file or the code that allows the file to be displayed on the computer. This can happen for a variety of reasons; one of which is as simple as updating the software on your computer. This random loss of personal multimedia should lead you to want to back up those files.

Physical Loss Or Damage Is A Concern:

Physical loss is another way that you can lose the files on your computer. There are a couple of different ways to physically lose your computer and the first of those ways is damage. There could be a flood, a short in the electrical system of your apartment or you could just drop the laptop out in public. A powerful magnet could even wipe the computer clean in the right circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you have a desk top computer at home or you travel around with a laptop, there are a variety of ways to physically damage your computer to the point where you lose your information.

Theft Happens:

Theft is another horrific way to lose your personal info. I have heard countless stories of people going on vacation with their laptop so they could take as many photos and videos as possible. Then they’d store the info on their computer to free up space in their camera and, boom; they lose their computer to theft; a lifetime worth of memories gone.

Since you can lose you data physically to damage or theft it is better to use a cloud backup service. A service where you can upload all your info to the internet so you can access it at any time and there is no risk of physical loss.

Author Bio:
Stephanie Frasco is the Community Manager for the MyReviewsNow website. She wrote this blog post about having the best backup software for your computer. You can read more at our website.

Here's Exactly How To Use Your Phone To Book Your Next Vacation

Booking your next vacation may take a lot of time to complete, especially if you’re the busy kind of person. Chances are you will be seeking the help of a travel agent to furnish your trip based on your preferences instead, as you don’t have the time to work on it on your own.

But what if you’re not into coordinating with an agent to furnish your travel needs? Well, you can still do things on your own, but this time you will need an assistant-your phone.

There are many ways in which you can use your phone to book your next vacation. And yes, it is capable of doing the job right, so you don’t have to worry a bit. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow:

Step 1: Download a travel app.

Mobile travel apps are rampant nowadays, and if you’re working on your vacation plans then you should get a travel app on your phone right away. There are many travel apps that you can check out depending on your preparation needs. There’s the TripAdvisor app which allows you to browse on different hotels in the destinations you intend to visit, as well as user reviews that can help you choose the best hotel to book at.

There are also other travel apps that provide you with full packaged tour deals which include hotels, itineraries and mode of transport. You may want to take advantage of these too as they cut the time you have to spend working on your vacation needs.

Step 2: Start booking.

When you use the apps you’ve downloaded, you may want to proceed with booking right on your phone after making your choices. You can book reservations right on these apps, as most of them are already integrated with booking sites that can process your orders.

Booking also depends on the app you’re using. For apps that cater to hotels only, then you can proceed with making a reservation through them on your phone. You will then be guided to a customer service representative who will take charge of confirming your order and create a reservation that would be ready for use once paid.

You don’t have to pay upfront when making a reservation. Some reservations are open for a week or so, until you decide to confirm, change the dates or cancel it. The important thing is you already have a template to follow or use for your travel plans.

Step 3: Check for the nearby amenities.

Before you actually pay your reservation, you may want to look at the available attractions, amenities and highlights in your chosen destination. These include the parks, museums, nearby beaches and other tourist landmarks that you will enjoy checking out. You can do this right on your smartphone using other apps, or via Wikipedia.

Doing this is very important because you are given a better picture of what to expect from your vacation; you cannot just rely on your friend's pictures and feedback in case they’ve been to the places you want to visit otherwise you might end up regretting your holiday in the long run.

For example, if you are planning to visit New England and would want to exercise your gambling skills, you may want to look for a nearby casino Connecticut is famous for or Vermont. You may not book a reservation in these establishments, but you can visit them to play your favorite games during the course of your vacation.

Step 4: Confirm and pay.

Once you have finalized your reservations, your chosen hotels and itineraries, airfares and even the choice of amenities you’d like to check out, then you can go ahead and confirm your bookings. There are many travel apps these days that allow you to make orders and pay for your purchases right on your own phone.

Some apps would redirect you to their affiliate companies that will take charge of securing your payment. Most online payments are completed using credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard, so you should prepare your cards when securing your reservations. Some on the other hand prefer online payment systems, such as PayPal, as these are more convenient in terms of processing.

Step 5: Tally your itinerary.

Finally, when everything’s secured and paid for, it’s time for you to tally your itinerary right on your phone. There are apps that allow you to do this, such as TripIt. These apps prepare your travel plan based on your purchased packages, and once you’re on your trip you kept from being lost from your intended travel activities.

Travel organizer apps help a lot in keeping you on track during your vacation. Sure, they can be a bit OC, but they give you the advantage of maxing out the limited time you have on your holiday. You can only do as much during your vacation, thus you’d have to make the most of it.

A few more vacation planning tips

When planning out your next vacation, think about this: what do you want to do during your time away from home? This will give you the foundations of the kind of vacation to get, no matter how silly it would seem to be for some. But the bottom line is, if it’s how you want to spend your vacation, then by all means-go for it.

Also, when planning your vacation, you should do it at the right timing. You may want to settle at a time when tourists are not flocking vacation hotspots, as the rates of hotels, tours and transport are relatively much cheaper. You can also score discounted deals that would allow you to save more money in the long run.

Lastly, plan your trip early. Early birds always get the best deals. If you do your travel planning ahead of time, you are able to look at more choices, even if you intend to go during the peak season. Early planning also gives more time to gather your resources and save more money for travel expenses until your departure date comes.

Author Bio:
Bill Powers is a freelance writer who loves to write about vacations, traveling and exotic locations. He also writes for Foxwoods Resort; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Pros And Cons Of IPhones

Pros And Cons Of IPhones
Img. Credit: freedigitalphotos
There is a great deal of buzz in the smart phone arena as of late. With the HTC Droid DNA and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy4 giving iPhone a run for its money. With the new kids on the block many are wondering where iPhone stands in what it provides. This article will not be a comparison review, mainly because the iPhone will probably appeal to a different kind of person that the Android operated phones. This will be more of a pro and con evaluation of the iPhone 5.


For the past 6+ years the iPhone has established itself as the ultimate in smartphones. The iPhone almost made the Blackberry obsolete. What makes the iPhone a constant, even with the challenge of the up and comers, is its dependability. The IOS system through which the iPhone operates is the easiest one of the most dependable on the market. It allows for easy interface navigation and system storage. With the iPhone, most every function is a touch or a swipe away. The S model also allows for ultimate voice management of the phone.

Because the iPhone is the most popular phone on the market there are numerous applications for almost any service and company you can imagine. You can do your banking, shopping, and numerous other tasks through applications without ever going directly to your web-browser. The applications are designed to store all of the user’s information, so that the user does not have enter that information on each visit, exposing their personal information.

The iPhone also allows for easy music and video downloads through the Apple Store. The Apple Store provides a secure place to locate and download your favorite songs and movies. You can also integrate you iPhone with your iTunes application which will help you manage your applications as well as allow you to store all of your music and movie files. iTunes also allows you to sync all of your information to the iCloud for safe keeping.

One of the most powerful pros to owning an iPhone is the access to Apples’ exceptional customer care. Apple is widely recognized as an industry leader in customer service and customer satisfaction.


When it comes to the cons to owning an iPhone, there would be very few, but they are worth mentioning.

One of the things that makes this phone special can also be a hang up for some users. The fact that you have to go the through the iPhone store to download anything can be a little annoying. Even if you find an application that you want on the web, you will have to go through the iStore to purchase and download it.

Another con is the inability to personalize the phone at any extensive level. There are no aftermarket themes that will allow you to make your iPhone your own.

Though the phone has improved in the area of durability it is still the most damaged smartphone on the market.

In short, the iPhone is dependable and predictable. It does not provide the frills of some of the up and comers, but it has a track record of being trustworthy.

Author Bio:
Louis Rossmann is a straight shooting tech guy who specializes in repair and LCD replacement. Contact him through his Rossman Group website.

5 Must Have Mobile Phone Apps For Your Job Interview

5 Must Have Mobile Phone Apps For Your Job Interview
Img. Credit: freedigitalphotos
A Mobile phone is the most handy gadget we have access to anytime, any day and depending on how you adapt yours, it can be a lot more functional for you. If you are a job seeker, there are brilliant apps that can make your job search much more efficient and these are discussed below.

5 Must Have Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

1.) iPQ Career Planner

This app is a definite must if you are a college graduate in the uncertain job market. What this app allows any job seeker to do is take an assessment, answering questions about your own personal traits to assess your strengths and weaknesses. It also allows the user to familiarize themselves with questions an interviewer may use during the personal assessment. The most important feature of this app is its ability to download a report that summarizes the strengths, weaknesses, and helps identify a suitable job for your desired career path.

2.) Pocket Resume

This keen app is for career seekers on the go, who want to showcase their skills in a short amount of time. With Pocket Resume, you are allowed to create a resume directly from your smart phone or tablet by just entering the requested details asked by the app. There is no need to focus on the formatting or layout of the resume, the app will generate all of this for you upon completion. You are allowed to create and store multiple resumes, and also send them directly from your mobile device to your desired employer. This app is essential for those who are always travelling and on the go, but need to make small changes to their current resume for different positions.

3.) Hidden Jobs

Unknown to most career seekers, the majority of open jobs are not posted in the classified ads or online job sites. The Hidden Jobs app is capable of tracking millions of unadvertised careers from company leads before they begin to hire. The app is not a job seeking app, but more of a career scouting app, notifying you where jobs will open in the near future in a location near you. This app uses Google to find open jobs at the company you decide to track, and sends push notifications once any hiring initiative has begun.

4.) Good Job

This is one of the most valuable job searching apps on the market to date. This app the perfect assistant in one’s job search, with its multitude of features, such as saving client information, tracking successful and disappointing interviews, allowing for multiple resume storage and sending the right documents to the right companies. You are also allowed to store, back up, and send files from your mobile device in PDF format straight to your PC. The simplicity of the app allows for the reduction in overall paperwork, and is great for the multitasking career hunter.

5.) BeKnown

This mobile job seeking app has increased in trending popularity, because of the platforms it uses to attract attention to your personal profile. The app works with Facebook’s timeline without revealing social network interactions, so business and pleasure are never combined. Facebook is the #1 site employers browse online, more than any other site. This application allows for one to utilize their education and professional experience from their Facebook profile, while using a separate discreet website to showcase your professionalism.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Zendra Thurmin, a technology enthusiast and career adviser with useful tips on the best methods for effective job search in South Africa.

Cell Phone Tracking: Do You Need it?

Cell Phone Tracking: Do You Need it?

With the smartphone bazaar full to brim with innovations and top-notch hardware, the development which has blazed the trail for many others is Cell phone tracking. While the term conjures an image of a spy clad in black hiding his face with a mask, the idea has not been exactly ruled out by many. The significant increase in the number of cell phone monitoring apps on the internet have not turned stale as many employers and parents click the download button and that too for a good reason.

Spying like a boss

As BYOD (Bring your own device) sides up with employees and their privacy, we are also faced with the fact that employers are, for the welfare of the organization, is supposed to know what, when, where and how their employees are spending time at their workplace.

Assigning a smartphone for your employee and getting them a data plan might get a ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug for Christmas but that is not where you are supposed to stop at that. The smartphone might be used for Facebooking all day long while the organization has to pay for the data plan which might be spent on making personal calls. Sneaking in corners or hiding in a washroom cubicle while your employees try to wage a civil war in the organization doesn’t seem to the thing for the boss. It takes up a lot of time and effort. Monitoring your employees cell phone, it’s use and abuse helps you keep an eye on how they are utilizing their time and resources. It can also prove to be a helpful tool for measuring your employees’ productivity. If the employer is going for a top-notch spyware on the internet to monitor the cell phones of their employees, they can easily listen to calls made and received, have a look at the text messages, the contact list and the web browsing history. The spying doesn’t stop there; by issuing a simple command you can access the audio settings and the microphone of the device and get an audio recording of the surroundings of the cell phone. The employer can also get snapshots of the screen of the monitored device.

However, monitoring your employees might not be as easy in practice as on paper. Imagine asking the company’s executive’s for their smartphones so you could have them monitored. Moreover, BYOD is giving employees some legal backing too and that might restrict your way through monitoring employees.

Bringing up a teenager

For working parents who have little time and energy left after returning from their workplaces to discuss their teens problems and ups and downs in their kid’s life. Even if you believe your child to super teen who has brains and confidence to solve their own problems, they might be indulging in activities that you wouldn’t want them to be a part of. Rearing a teen while keeping in mind your principles is not easy when you are not physically present for your child is very difficult.

Cell phone tracking is one solution to that. While most teens consider their smartphone to be a vital part of their lives, it is impossible that cell phones hold a record of what they have been up to. By monitoring their cell phones, you can locate your teens even when the GPS is not working. While viewing data in the cell phone is a basic service, some software also allow you to wipe any unwanted data like videos, pictures or contacts and block certain type of communication.

Leaving all the employer and parenting woes, monitoring software can also be used as a security tool for your own smartphone. To keep out intruders, installing a cell phone monitoring app can help you keep a check on who has been doing what with your phone. In case the device gets stolen, there is nothing better than this app if you want to locate the thief.

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Jessica writes articles and blogs about the happenings in the tech world. Her readers rely on her write-ups for product reviews and critical analysis on new developments in the tracking world. She can be reached at jcarol429.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Last Minute Tweaks To Your Computer

Last Minute Tweaks To Your Computer
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When you’re a gamer, there is nothing like the feeling of starting up a new computer for the first time. Whether you bought one pre-built from a site or assembled it piece by piece yourself, hitting the power button that first time is great. And while you might be content to start playing on the machine as is, there are a few last upgrades and tweaks you can make to your computer to get even more speed and power out of it. Follow these tips for an even better gaming experience on your new PC.

Add some fans

Fans require very little power and can not only help you Increase the speed of your computer, but its shelf life, as well. Fans will keep everything running nice and smoothly and hopefully keep that beast of a graphics card running in tiptop shape. Keeping the heat low will also make your computer work less and perform better. Unfortunately, water-cooling is too hard to integrate at the last minute, so fans are the go-to options for keeping an already built computer cool.

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Now overclock that processor:

If you have an upgraded fan system or water-cooling, feel free to overclock your processor a little bit. High-end processors and motherboards make overclocking a breeze, and even upping it a little bit can give you a big performance increase. If you’re feeling a little more daring and don’t mind replacing your processor every year or so, clock it up a bit more. But for the most part, a few slides up will be all you need.

Make sure your monitor is HD ready

After sinking a large amount of money into your computer, it can be a bummer to realize your monitor is not up to par. Today’s graphics are all in stunning high definition and require a DVI or HDMI connection to fully appreciate. In fact, a lot of graphics cards today don’t even support VGA, which is what most old monitors use. Fortunately, HD monitors are relatively inexpensive. There are also several to choose from, so getting exactly what you’re looking for isn’t hard.

Get an SSD

While relatively new, and still a little expensive, solid state drives are the way to go if you really want to add one final speed boost to your computer. They don’t have too much storage space on them, but booting from an SSD and installing your most popular games on it will give you increased performance across the board over a hard drive. They are extremely quiet, too!

Get the most out of your Internet

For online games, a slow Internet can make even the fastest computer obsolete. To prevent a slow or spotty Internet connection from hurting your gaming, invest in a network accelerator. Network accelerators are easy to install and can give you the boost you’re looking for – wirelessly or hardwired. The standard HBA on your motherboard is fine if you aren’t having problems, but even a fast Internet can become faster with a specialized HBA and network card.

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Geoff is a gamer and computer nerd who loves to write about his passions, as well. He turns to companies like to learn more about cutting-edge trends and products in the data and computing sphere.

What The Changes In Google Panda Mean For Your Website

What The Changes In Google Panda Mean For Your Website

Google is always going through some changes. The fact is that most of the changes do not mean that much to the average website. They are made simply to fine tune the search engine in the way it is providing the most useful results to the people using the site. Of course, the latest changes in Google Panda have meant a lot more to different websites.

It is the reason why it is important to get the best help in understanding the changes and making the necessary changes to your site so you are getting the best results.

With more than 24 updates to Google Panda so far, you will need the help of the experts in a London SEO agency to navigate the best way to keep up. You will also need to make sure that you are investing in the right kind of link building.

Additionally, you will need to make sure that you are able to use the Google online tools correctly so that you are getting the results you are looking for even with the changes to Panda. This will allow you to have the most successful website for your money.

Hiring the Right London SEO Agency

The London SEO agency understands all of the updates to Google Panda. They make it their business to stay up with all of the latest updates so that they will be able to provide the kind of assistance you need to have the most successful website.

They can provide the assistance necessary to make sure that you are have the right content on site and off site so that you are getting the kind of traffic that your site needs.

Proper Link Building for Your Site

One of the biggest things that Panda was created to prevent was the trend of mass link building. Websites were literally creating hundreds of new links to their sites every day in mass marketing schemes. This took advantage of the search engine algorithms that looked past unnatural link building and ranked simply based on the number of links that were dedicated to the website itself.

Today, it is necessary to make sure that only natural links are being produced in a manner that will not attract the attention of Panda.

Proper Usage of Google Online Tools

Google online tools help you to create the best site for more traffic. You can use these tools to make sure you do not have any unnatural links leading back to your site. If there are, you will be able to identify what they are and eliminate them. Make sure you are using these tools often so that you are able to stay in line with the requirements from Google Panda and you will be able to get the best results from your site.

As you are following this advice, you will realize that Google Panda is not such a scary thing after all. It is actually something that can be effectively used in more ways than you more than likely thought before. Your website will become profitable while others slowly fade away from the picture of your respective industry.

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Why Computers Recycling In Areas Should Be Done

Why Computers Recycling In Areas Should Be Done

The reality today is that electronic wastage is becoming rampant. With the rising number of products being manufactured, you can also expect a boom in the products that accumulate as trash once they are out of trend. Computers recycling or healthy computing are being promoted heavily because people have to act now before everything is too late.

Citizens do represent something, whether it is an idea or a belief. However, it seems that environmental responsibilities are hard to commit to for some whose hearts are not in the campaign itself. With something as basic as reducing, reusing and recycling, others fail to meet these demands thus they fail to see how it will impact the world.

The thing about gadgets is that they can easily become obsolete when updates are continually introduced to the market. When units are left to rot and they pile up in landfills, they do not really go away on their own. This wastage should be avoided by the consumers themselves.

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On the end of the consumers, they become too curious enough that they buy without thinking twice about the rest of the things that they have. If there is an infectious trend in buying gadgets, do not give in. You are not only acknowledging the passing fancy, you are also contributing to the amount of waste that could cause serious problems.

Although gadgets are very innovative and useful nowadays, still, you can settle with what you currently have. It is not as important just because you want to maintain this certain status level. You have to be mindful of the depleting resources, the landfills being filled to the brim and the toxicity that some materials release to the environment.

Quite frankly, the improper disposal of electronic waste is very dangerous to humans and to the environment. Moreover, the wastage itself is quite a shame because the redeeming factor is hard to come by given its complexity. What could have been a space for more useful waste is now taken up by the said devices.

The thing about buying too many things given a short span of time is that you can easily neglect what you have. As a result, you also manage to pile these unused items on top of one another as they become one big mound of trash. What is even worse is if majority of the pile are electronic gadgets and devices that can be recycled instead.

Utilization is an advantageous activity that can be used as an initiative to maintain sustainable development. Gadget users must be educated that there are toxic components with those little machines that run their unit. If ready to be disposed, experts need to take out any harmful component to ensure that further disposal will already be safe.

Computers recycling are not just about handling your electronic gadgets. The bigger issue is about knowing how to time your purchases and weighing the necessity of each. If you learn to become a responsible buyer, then eventually, you can contribute to the wellness of the environment.

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Kamal Ahmad Is young entrepreneur who love to write on tech gadget. And believe on green technology, he has the view that its every person’s responsibility to take part in saving earth by promoting green tech.

Maintaining Your Computer So Your Computer Can Maintain You

If your computer starts performing different than normal, or running very slow, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to buy a new computer. Like cars, computers also need tune-ups and require regular maintenance. There are applications that will clean your computer and make it run like new.

PC system utilities can repair a hard drive, generate free space on a hard drive, recover data, optimize processes and most of all clean your computer registry! Utilities applications will warn the user of any viruses or other issues that are potentially hazardous to your computer’s functionality to include hard drive errors, security issues, inefficient settings, or any files that may need deleted to free up disk space.

Computer technicians use the Utilities Applications when beginning diagnostic processes, so when you purchase this software, you are basically purchasing your own computer technician! Running utilities regualarly and using diagnostics tools, your computer will last longer, experience very few slowdowns and improve the overall performance, saving the user a lot of frustration.

What to look for in system utilities

System utilities defragment hard drives and remove errors, while some mainly focus on repair and recovery. If you have the same computer issues over and over, then you are familiar with the main problems your system has, and you can purchase the PC utility application that is ideal for your specific needs. The best utilities application, however, manages a wide range of issues.

Software for specific needs include:

Repair/Recovery-Applications such as spyware, adware and Trojan can often be infected with viruses, because they are attached to unsecure websites. Repair and recovery can fix errors and remove these viruses to stop your computer from slowing down or stop working. This application will also remove files that are not necessary and erase internet history, cookies and temporary files from internet.

Management and Diagnostics-This application will uninstall programs that you do wish to have on your computer and keep your computer running at optimum speed. This is the best application for managing your start up programs and will solve issues before they cause serious problems.

Ease-This utility makes computer maintenance easy! This will incorporate easy to use features and easy to navigate interface.
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Optimization will give you utilities that can tweak settings for memory and internet options which will ensure your computer runs at optimum functionality. This will provide the quickest and most noticeable performance of your computer and you can adjust the settings for your Windows operating system.

PC utilities assist in fixing a broad range of problems and help maintain your computer’s functions. This application will keep you from having to take your computer to be fixed by a professional. This software provides a good amount of information so you can repair and maintain your computer yourself. This software will improve the efficiency and performance.

Of course there are numerous, additional software applications such as file sharing like Rocket Software, etc. When you choose the right application for your computer, be sure to do your research on the specific programs. Sometimes you will have to pay for these applications, but you may be able to find some free downloads!

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