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Five Great Reasons Why Your Kid Should Have A Mobile Phone

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Is your child always complaining about getting a new mobile phone? You're not alone. Kids nowadays seem to expect to have a phone by the time they're a certain age. And it's not unusual to see eight year olds with cute pink mobile phones in the school playground. Whilst there are some solid reasons not to let your child have a phone, there are some pretty compelling reasons why they should. So before you dismiss the matter out of hand, you might want to think about some of these things first...

Phones Can Keep Kids Safe...

This is the number one reason that most parents give in and buy their kid a phone, and it's a good one. In an emergency, when the school bus is missed, when you forget about football practice, whatever, you can contact your child and he can contact you. This is a big deal. Plus, there are advantages to having GPS enabled phones too. A simple downloadable app will let you trace your kid wherever they are, as long as their phone is charged and switched on. The security of knowing where your child is, and of knowing that no matter what they can contact you is a great reason why you should think about buying your kid a phone.

Phones are Convenient...

You're going to be ten minutes late to after school pick up? Your daughter's piano teacher just cancelled? The convenience of having a mobile phone works both ways. You can get in contact and change plans or schedules whenever you need to. Plus, there's more chance that your kid is going to call you when their plans change too.

Phones are Cheap...

Mobile phones are simply not the luxury items that they were in the past. You can get a decent hand set for next to nothing, and a few pounds credit a month will do the job. Getting your kid a phone nowadays really isn't about financial concerns at all, it's a lot more about convenience and peace of mind. For the price of a few pounds you can know that your kid is a phone call away, and that's pretty invaluable.

Phones Teach Responsibility...

If it's about time that your kid learned a little personal responsibility, then a cell phone might be the way to teach that. Learning about how to keep track of one' own things, how to take care of something that's precious, will be a lot easier when it involves something that your kid has wanted for a long time and now doesn't want to be without. Plus, it's a good way to learn financial responsibility too, particularly if you choose a pay as you go model...

Phones Encourage Communication...

Teens find it a lot easier to communicate through text than face to face. By letting your kid have a phone you're keeping alternative methods of communication open, and increasing the likelihood that you'll know what's going on at any given time.

So, if you are weighing up the options, then these are some reasons that you might come down on the side of going out and getting your child a smartphone.

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Author Bio:
Phil Turner can understand why girls want pink mobile phones. What he fails to understand is why so few manufacturers actually make them.


  1. GPS tracking systems are now playing a much larger role in the personal safety category, offering a way to conduct elderly tracking, teen driving monitoring and GPS tracking children.

  2. Yeah you are right Daniel, GPS is really a boon :)


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