Sunday, February 10, 2013

Facebook Trick: Update Your Status In Blue Colour

Facebook Trick: Update Your Status In Blue Colour

Hi friends, this is a small trick to amaze your friends by making your status update blue in colour. This is one of the coolest Facebook tricks because it not only makes your status update change color, but it also turns it into a link. If you ask "where does the link leads?" It leads to the profile page of the person who clicked it, so you can actually troll your friends with this trick.
Your friends will look strange if you use this trick to write in paragraphs.

How To Do:

1.) Write the following line in your status update:

@@[1:[0:1: write here ]]

2.) Replace the write here text with any text you wish to become blue. You can add more text before or after the code, to make this look even cooler.

Important: Don't use colon " : " in the write here field.


  1. wow thats quite an awesome trick i tried and it wrked perfectly !! thnx 4 sharing :)


  2. Σ

  3. Mujhe b Sikhs do yaar


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