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Download Best PC Optimization Software (Freeware)

Download Best PC Optimization Software (Freeware)

Hi friends, Here is a Freeware Software which provides various PC optimization tools like Disk check, Uninstaller, Data Recovery, File Recovery, Registry Cleaner, Defragmentor, etc... bundled togethor as a single software. The most notable utility in this bundle is that -File Recovery- which allows you to get back the files which you deleted from your computer even after emptying the recycle bin.

Below are the list of utilities provided by This software:

Disk Check:
Helps you to fix errors, recover bad sectors on your hard disk using chkdsk.

Helps you to uninstall software that you do not need and also software that you are not able to uninstall otherwise.

Startup Manager:
Helps you to enable/disable Windows startup items. It assists your decision in various forms.

Service Manager:
Helps you to enable/disable Windows services. It assists your decision in various forms.

Disk Cleaner:
Helps you to find and delete junk files from your computer. It is highly customizable too.

Delete Empty Folders:
Helps you to delete empty folders from your system. It is extremely fast.

Fix Shortcuts:
Helps you to automatically fix or delete broken shortcuts.

Registry Cleaner:
Helps you to clean Windows registry for better performance.

Registry Defrag:
Helps you to defrag and compact Windows registry for better performance.

Helps you to automatically defrag and optimize your hard disk drives.

Duplicate File Finder:
Helps you to find duplicate files on your computer. It is highly customizable and extremely fast.

Data Recovery:
Helps you to recover data from your damaged media like scratched DVDs, VCDs, BLU Rays etc.

File Recovery:
Helps you to recover deleted files from your hard disk, pen drive, memory card. Basically any storage medium.

Disk Files:
Helps you to look into details of files distribution on your computer. It is highly customizable.

Gaming PC:
Helps you to create a Gaming Environment on your PC to give your games/apps best of your computer.

Permanent Delete:
Helps you to delete your files permanently so that they cannot be recovered by any software.

Wipe Disk:
Helps you to wipe entire disk or just free space so that no files on it can be recovered.

Shutdown Timer:
Helps you to schedule various shutdown tasks. Many scheduling options are available.

Helps you to spilt any file into files of specified size.

Delete History:
Helps you to delete history and other data of various applications including web browsers.

Minimal PC:
Helps you to close and switch back all the specified services/processes on your computer in a click.

Batch Fix:
Helps you to automatically keep your system clean and error free by running selected utilities.

Maintenance Wizard:
Helps you to run selected utilities in a pre-defined order for getting best performance out of your computer.

File Size: 9.87 MB 
License: Freeware [?]
Supports: Windows Xp/2003/Vista/2008/7/8 


  1. Hey buddy....I am downloading...Thank you!! :)
    Can you write or tell me about gaming in my laptop?
    specs: core i3, 3gb ram, 320gb harddisk, intel hd graphics...
    btw do u have any code for windows 7...i think that activation has expired....wenver i open a microsft software a pop up comes telling me it is not genuine...

  2. Hi Akash, Thanks for downloading :) To my knowledge core i3 is just fine for gaming with your specs, for more info. on it check this page: And if that page is not useful just use the yahoo answers, there are many available there to answer your questions. And you have said that you have a "Not Genuine" problem in your windows7 OS. I have a solution for it just check this page: and download the software present on that page. That software will help you to remove the "Not Genuine" Problem from your PC. Thank you, & U are welcome :)

  3. i suggest TunePRO360 - PC optimization software is one of the best PC optimization tool.Our Software is free of Cost for more visit our website


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