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6 simple ways to earn money from home

6 simple ways to earn money from home

1. Paid surveys:

          Online surveys are a very easy way to earn quick money from home using your computer. All you need is an internet connection and be over the age of 16/18 (depends on the company). In this role you will answer surveys on a wide range of issues.

The data you give is used by marketing companies for research purposes. This is therefore fairly valuable to them because the success or failure of their efforts relies on quality information. With most online survey companies you get paid in blocks once you have reached a certain threshold. The most common payment methods are check/cheque or PayPal.

2. Data Entry:

          Data entry is a growing market any many people are making regular money online from it. The demand for freelance data organization work has increased significantly in recent years. The reason for this is that more and more processes are becoming digitally recorded and managed.

The web is growing at a rapid pace many organizations are struggling to keep up. This has presented an opportunity for people to make good money sorting out data from home. You will be employed as and when you’re needed. The work is regular and reliable.

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3. Graphic Design:

           If you have decent enough skills to be able to create logos or touch up photos you can monetize this. There is a big demand for freelance graphic design workers, visual aspects of web design and marketing are becoming more important in attracting and retaining customers.

Not all companies have the time/resources to employ a full time graphic artist. In such cases they will hire a freelancer on a job-by-job basis. If you can earn a reputation as a good freelancer a lot of work and incredible rates will come to you.

4. Be a virtual assistant:

          Virtual assistants are pretty much home based office workers. In these full time/part time positions you will work with a business to help with any additional or unexpected work that arises. This means that you will probably not be specializing in any one department. You will be aiding the business with whatever additional work they have.

 Once you’ve worked with a business for a while and built up a relationship it is probable that your pay will increase. The reason for this is that good VA’s are hard to come by, so when someone dependable and hard working comes along they want to keep them!

5. Article writing:

          Have you heard the phrase ‘content is king’? Well it’s the message that is being passed around the online marketing world currently. The way to build a solid converting traffic base is to have great content that engages readers.

Anyone with good English grammar skills can earn money writing articles and content online. There are a lot of communities set up to unite authors with writers; but the real money is in working with businesses/webmasters on a private client basis. This way you can vary your rates and don’t have to pay commission fees/

6. Affiliate marketing:

           Affiliate marketing is the process of making money through referral commissions. There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate products and opportunities out there. People can make money from a wide range of customer referrals. This can be the sale of a product on, an independently sold ebook or a subscription based service such as Netflix (is an example only).

Most people earn affiliate commissions by first building up an audience somewhere online. This could be on facebook,twitter, linkedin, a blog, youtube etc. As long as you have an audience that will listen to what you say you’re likely to make money out of affiliate marketing.

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