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Speeding Up Windows Vista - Easy Ways To Accomplish This

Speeding Up Windows Vista - Easy Ways To Accomplish This

             Windows Vista is an operating system that you can speed up if you know some of the tricks. While many users have complaints about Windows Vista, and it's widely believed to be slower than either Windows XP or Windows 7, when you optimize it properly you should be able to get better performance out of it. Try applying the following tactics to speed up Windows Vista, and you may find that your computer runs like new.

Tweaking The Display Settings:

               Changing the display settings is one of the easiest ways to speed up Windows Vista. Windows Aero is the default display, and this contains lots of impressive colors and effects. Yet it also uses up lots of RAM, and most users would rather have their computer running faster and have a plainer display to look at. If you fall into this category, you'll want to change your display to Windows Standard. You can do this through the Control Panel, under "Appearance and Personalization." This will make your display less colorful and animated, but it will also mean better performance.

Desktop Changes:

               Doing a thorough cleaning of your desktop can be a good way to make Windows Vista run faster. If your desktop is very crowded and cluttered, you might have files, icons and applications that you haven't looked at in months or even years. There's a good chance that you wouldn't miss many of these, so delete anything that's not important to you. For files that you frequently use, create shortcuts on your desktop. This frees up operating memory, and allows you to open up these files more efficiently. Shortcuts, as the name implies, speed up the time it takes to do things. Cleaning up your desktop will probably enhance your computer's speed, and it will also make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Defragmenting Your HD:

Defragmenting Your HD

                One task that many users don't do that can speed up the performance of any computer is defragmenting your hard drive. If your computer is fairly new, this probably isn't necessary, but if you've been accumulating files over several months or years, then it's likely that you have fragments of the same file in various locations on your hard drive. This is a waste of space and memory, and defragmentation is a way to make your hard drive more efficient. You can do this by using the defragmentation utility that comes with Windows Vista. One thing you should make sure of is that you back up all of your essential data before you do this to avoid the risk of losing anything vital. Also, avoid this process if there's a risk of losing power, such as during a storm.

Final Thoughts...

             There are, as we've seen, a variety of strategies that can help Windows Vista speed up. Which ones work best for you will depend on the setting of your computer and what might be causing it to run slowly. You should always check for viruses and other malware, clean the registry and keep your desktop free of clutter. If you want Windows Vista to run smoothly, you should regularly perform such maintenance on your computer.

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          Omar is very passionate blogger and SEO expert. He runs multiple sites including his well established Best Binoculars blog.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Decorate Your Blog For This New Year

Decorate Your Blog For This New Year

Happy New Year To All My Visitors!

Hi friends here i would like to share with you a simple way to decorate your blog for this new year 2013. Here you will find the code to add a small widget to display two balloons on the bottom right and left cornor of your blog. Just add the below code to your blog. That's it! The below code displays ballons as you see below.


<img src="" style="position:fixed; bottom: 0px;left:0px;border:none;z-index:5;"/><img src="" style="position:fixed; bottom: 0px;right:0px;border:none;z-index:5;"/>
<div style='float:right;'>

Note: Change the lines in red to the url of whatever the pic you would like to get displayed.
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6 simple ways to earn money from home

6 simple ways to earn money from home

1. Paid surveys:

          Online surveys are a very easy way to earn quick money from home using your computer. All you need is an internet connection and be over the age of 16/18 (depends on the company). In this role you will answer surveys on a wide range of issues.

The data you give is used by marketing companies for research purposes. This is therefore fairly valuable to them because the success or failure of their efforts relies on quality information. With most online survey companies you get paid in blocks once you have reached a certain threshold. The most common payment methods are check/cheque or PayPal.

2. Data Entry:

          Data entry is a growing market any many people are making regular money online from it. The demand for freelance data organization work has increased significantly in recent years. The reason for this is that more and more processes are becoming digitally recorded and managed.

The web is growing at a rapid pace many organizations are struggling to keep up. This has presented an opportunity for people to make good money sorting out data from home. You will be employed as and when you’re needed. The work is regular and reliable.

Have a look at: Work At Home Opportunities!

3. Graphic Design:

           If you have decent enough skills to be able to create logos or touch up photos you can monetize this. There is a big demand for freelance graphic design workers, visual aspects of web design and marketing are becoming more important in attracting and retaining customers.

Not all companies have the time/resources to employ a full time graphic artist. In such cases they will hire a freelancer on a job-by-job basis. If you can earn a reputation as a good freelancer a lot of work and incredible rates will come to you.

4. Be a virtual assistant:

          Virtual assistants are pretty much home based office workers. In these full time/part time positions you will work with a business to help with any additional or unexpected work that arises. This means that you will probably not be specializing in any one department. You will be aiding the business with whatever additional work they have.

 Once you’ve worked with a business for a while and built up a relationship it is probable that your pay will increase. The reason for this is that good VA’s are hard to come by, so when someone dependable and hard working comes along they want to keep them!

5. Article writing:

          Have you heard the phrase ‘content is king’? Well it’s the message that is being passed around the online marketing world currently. The way to build a solid converting traffic base is to have great content that engages readers.

Anyone with good English grammar skills can earn money writing articles and content online. There are a lot of communities set up to unite authors with writers; but the real money is in working with businesses/webmasters on a private client basis. This way you can vary your rates and don’t have to pay commission fees/

6. Affiliate marketing:

           Affiliate marketing is the process of making money through referral commissions. There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate products and opportunities out there. People can make money from a wide range of customer referrals. This can be the sale of a product on, an independently sold ebook or a subscription based service such as Netflix (is an example only).

Most people earn affiliate commissions by first building up an audience somewhere online. This could be on facebook,twitter, linkedin, a blog, youtube etc. As long as you have an audience that will listen to what you say you’re likely to make money out of affiliate marketing.

Author Bio:

This article was written by Pete McAllister from To find free expert tips and advice on how to earn money online visit his become self employed website for details.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Invisible Yahoo Detector

Invisible detect users on Yahoo! Messenger (YM)

        Use our Invisible Yahoo Scanner to detect if a Yahoo Messenger users is in fact offline or just invisible.

         Have you ever wondered why a person appears offline in your messenger list all the time? Have you ever asked yourself the question, whether someone is truly offline or is he invisible? Did you ever want to detect invisible users from your messenger list? Were you looking for an invisible scanner? Well, you can stop looking now, because you found one of the biggest and fastest invisible detector available online.

          For a couple years now, we have been detecting invisible messenger users with our yahoo detector. There is no more hiding your yahoo status, our invisible scanner will detect invisible users and not only that! Use our invisible detector and you shall not only spy your buddies, but you will be able to see their true yahoo status and we will reveal their avatars. You can also download his or her avatar with the help of your invisible scanner.

          Since there had been questions and rumors lately about whether these invisible scanner really work, we only ask you to check it out yourselves. Since our invisible scanner service is permanently online you don't have to download anything and you don't have to create any account. Therefore you won't get viruses, malware and we will most definitely not try to steal any information from you and not spam you either. The only thing we do is invisible detect Yahoo users. You don't believe we can? Try it! Set your yahoo status as invisible. When you will become an invisible messenger user, you can test our yahoo detector scanner. It will work!

          So let's see what our yahoo detector does. First of all our detector yahoo does not spam. We have a strict anti-spamming policy. Furthermore our yahoo detector does not require downloading or an account registration. In order to use our yahoo detector all you have to do is go online, come to our site, and check your buddy's yahoo status. After you have detected invisible messenger users you can also keep them in your buddy list if you want to check their yahoo status again later on with our invisible detector yahoo.

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All To All Media Convertor

All To All Media Convertor

Convert Genius has been manufactured as a solid, flexible and format-rich conversion package that could easily and efficiently convert video files among all popular formats. Convert Genius allows various customized options including output formats, audio/video codec, movie dimension, frame rate, etc.
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Key features:

             Convert All Popular Video & Audio formats with High Definition & High Speed: Convert Genius is capable of converting videos of all popular formats like AVI, MP4, FLV, Xvid, WMV, DivX, MPEG, MOV, VOB, etc. as well as converting videos into audios like MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, M4A, etc. With a high definition output, Convert Genius quickly bridges a gap between your desired media formats.

            Support All Portable Media Devices: Convert Genius supports all portable media devices such as iiPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, Xbox, BlackBerry, Mobile 3GP, Apple TV, MP4/MP3 Player, etc. Thus you can enjoy any video on the go.

           Powerful and Specific Settings for Outputs: Convert Genius has powerful functions offering multiple options of quality, codec, configurations for a certain output format or device. Different codec with specific resolution for different device helps you easily convert videos as the quality you requested.

           Batch Media Conversion Supported: Since Convert Genius supports multithreaded process, you can convert multiple video files at once with just a few clicks, and all desired output formats would be able to apply in your devices immediately.

           User-friendly and Easy-to-use: Redesigned and simplified user interface makes video conversion tasks easier to accomplish. The ready-made format presets enables even computer newbies to complete conversion with just a few clicks.
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How to fix your Android phone

The demand for Android phone has always been high, but there could be technical hitches. Need to make an urgent business call or an emergency call and suddenly your mobile does not respond, that’s the last you want to face. Before you begin with the fixing phone, do not forget to take a backup of the files. This is an important thing to remember since there is always a chance to lose the phone’s memory and lose valuable data. To fix the issues with your android mobile there are various methods and it includes -

One of the most commonly followed way of fixing the technical hitch primarily starts with removing the battery of the phone and putting it back again. This is one of the simplest solutions followed by most mobile users or service centers. One of the reasons why this method is followed is by taking the battery out; the user is forcing the device to reset by itself. And by fixing the battery once again you are loading the device.

If the technical hitch doesn’t stop there, it could probably be a software issue. Software updates can be a major reason to fix a technical issue. One of the important factors to remember while going in for a software update would be charging your phone completely and ensuring an internet connection. Because the updating process could be time consuming and it may drain the battery.

The phone updates will be available in the phone settings and upon reset updates will take place. In case if the user is unable to reset the updates, he can connect the device to a computer and follow instruction and do the required software updates. In spite of a software update if the phone still does not work, the user may try out resetting the factory settings. By setting the phone in the factory mode, you will gain back the basic setting of your device.

Before trying the factory setting, the user needs to ensure that the data backup is taken. By setting the factory resetting, the phone memory is erased and all stored data will be lost. The device will be rebooting after the resetting process. The process brings back the original setting of the device or rather the factory state. These are the immediate steps to recover your smartphone and the process that can be followed in case the user faces a technical glitch.

Julian Robert works with Zco's android game development team as a copywriter.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Optimizing your Blog for Mobile Users: Mobile Plugin Vs. Web Platform

Optimizing your Blog for Mobile Users: Mobile Plugin Vs. Web Platform

            With the exponential proliferation of smart phones comes the growing need for standard websites and blogs to go mobile. Once, a traditional website would have sufficed as the majority of the Internet users operated a desktop computer in order to acquire information and purchase goods and services. This, however, is no longer the case. In fact, by neglecting to optimize your site for mobile users, you are invariably benefitting your competitors by absenting yourself from the mobile Internet world.

           The most obvious solution to such a problem is to create a mobile version of your blog that mirrors your traditional website. There is, however, an important choice to be made: mobile plugin or web platform. Below is a list of advantages that come with both options. The choice you then make should be informed by the needs and priorities of your particular business; there is no one right answer.

Mobile Plugin:

           Opting for a mobile plugin means that your traditional website will be optimised for the small screen automatically. There are several advantages to this method:
  • A plugin is easy to install and does not incur any additional costs;
  • It is easy to use as it does not require the modification of any aspect of your original site; the plugin will take care of everything automatically;
  • Finally, using a plugin will save you a great deal of time as it sidesteps the need to create an entirely new website from the ground upwards.

Web Platform:

           Opting for a web platform entails building a replica of your traditional blog from square one. Again, there are several advantages that come with going for this method:
  • Building a mobile site from scratch allows you completely free reign when it comes to customizing the site;
  • Though smart phones are currently dominant, using a web platform will allow standard phone users to have access to your mobile site too, thus widening your potential audience;
  • You will be able to monitor statistics regarding site usage and traffic;
  • Finally, you will be able to maintain the branding elements that characterise your traditional site in order to promote familiarity with your brand.

            There is no right answer when it comes to deciding between a mobile plugin and web platform, though the general rule is as follows: if you simply require that mobile visitors can access and read your blog easily from their smartphone, a plugin should suffice. If, on the other hand, your website is sales-oriented or requires the publication of media-rich content and wishes to maintain complete control over the layout, branding elements and content, then you should opt to create a new mobile website by means of a web platform. Check out this mobile free classifieds website to get an idea of how an efficiently optimized site should look like.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Shutdown Trick With Countdown

  • Open RUN by pressing window+ r
  • Then type there “shutdown -s -t 3600" without quotes and press ENTER. 
  • Now you’ll see a box telling you that “your system is shutting down”. 
  • You cannot stop this count down by task manager and by any other method. within one minute your system will restart. 

If you want not shut your pc then follow the below steps:

  • Immediately got to run and type “shutdown -a” or “shutdown /a” without quotes and press enter. 
  • This will stop the count down.
  • You may vary the time. here 3600 is for 1 minute. you may set the time to 1 second also but you cannot stop this within 1 second so increase it!
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trick To Earn More Points On Yahoo Answers

If you find difficulty in getting your answer to be chosen as best on yahoo answers, so that you can earn more points then you are at right place.

Here is a trick which i personally use to earn more points on yahoo answers, Iam going to share it with you.

Steps to do:

  • Try to answer as many questions as possible without limit.
  • Make sure your answers are somewhat reasonable and related to the question so that it is not going to get marked as spam.
  • If you are lucky some of your answers would be chosen by the asker as the best, so that you can earn 10pts.
  • If you are not lucky follow the below trick to make your answers to get marked as the best by you yourself.

The Trick:

  • To make this trick work you must have answered more and more answers the previous days.
  • You might have came to know that every answers goes for voting after 4days.
  • This is where you can do this trick.
  • Go to your my activity in yahoo answers and in the My Answers sections on that page check for the questions which has been set to Voting.
  • Open that question and choose(Vote) the answer you wrote as the best answer.
  • After some times you will came to know that you have earned 10 points as, Your answer was chosen as the best by the voters.
How it works:

Voters on the yahoo answers are rare as this make them to earn only 1point. So, they choose other way rather than voting answers. So, that in some of the unvoted answers even if it receives one vote it will be chosen as the best.
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Use Your Bluetooth Enabled Phone As Wireless Webcam

Hi friends I came across a software to use our bluetooth enabled mobile's camera as a webcamera. And I taught of sharring with you so that you too can enjoy this great software.

Here you may need to install two softwares to make this work:
  • One for your computer.
  • And the other for your mobile.

So enough of waiting and let's make it:

  1. Here is the download link for your Computer: CLICK HERE!
  2. And here is the Download Link for your mobile: CLICK HERE! (Here choose the one which suits your mobile's OS)


  • Now in your phone open the app and search for your PC and connect to it. 
  • Important: your pc's bluetooth setting must be set to visible to everyone so that your phone can detect your PC.

Best Compressor To Compress 1GB To Just 5MB

Best Compressor To Compress 1GB To Just 5MB

               Hi friends I found a exiting software on the net to compress files which are bigger than 1,2,3....GB to just 5,6,7....MB. The software is KGB Archiver. So let's put stop to waiting for uploading or downloading larger files online by compressing and uploading it or downloading it.

Download link: Click Here!

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