Thursday, March 16, 2017

What You Should Know Before Taking Your PC to a Computer Repair Shop

We have all been there. You finally carve out some time to work on that project, to locate and e-mail some files, or just to browse the internet in order to conduct some research into a possible purchase. But you can’t. Your PC simply will not cooperate. It fights you at every turn. You go right, it goes left. You end up chasing your machine around in circles until, finally, you are left just staring at a circling wait icon, a stack of error dialog boxes, or worse even, a blank screen. The next step seems to be crawling under your desk and fighting the dust bunnies to unplug dozens of cables before packing the whole thing up to be taken to an expert. Stop. That might not be necessary. These are the things you need to know before taking your PC to a computer repair shop.

Five Easy Fixes You Can Do at Home Before Paying for Computer Repair

Before you spend time, energy, and money, sending your computer out, try a few easy fixes. These do not require any technical expertise, so don’t worry.
  • Reboot Your Computer - Hitting Control+Alt+Delete will bring up your start screen and present you with a few options. Select power off. Wait a few minutes and turn the machine back on. Often, rebooting will shut down competing processes and applications causing your issue.
  • System Updates - If you have not been great about allowing updates to your computer to download, it may be running slower than normal, or not at all. Make sure all system updates are installed before panicking and calling for repair. Find your updates by locating "settings" on your home screen and then selecting "updates". This can take some time, but it is well worth it.
  • Check Your Internet Connection - Often, slow speeds are caused by unstable or poor wi-fi connections. This is not your PC's fault. Blame your router, modem and ISP (internet service provider) instead. Power down your router and modem for a few minutes and then start them back up. Wait for the blinking light sequences to finish and then check your performance.
  • Check for Malicious Software (Viruses) - We all know that the internet is swarming with bits of software designed to take over your computer and ruin your life. Did you know that your machine probably has a very capable defense system against this already installed? Locate "settings" on your home screen and then select "security". The pre-installed anti-virus software provided with major operating systems is really quite good. Run a full scan and see what is identified. The software will quarantine anything suspicious and delete the malware upon your request.
  • Clean Your Machine - Most of us take great care of our keyboard and monitor. Those are the things guests see. But what about inside your case? Computers generate heat. To cool the electronic parts air flow is created through a series of fans and vents. If those vents become clogged your machine will run very hot and begin to work more slowly before eventually just dying altogether. The case can usually be opened by removing two or three screws. Carefully vacuum all of the dust you find. Your machine will breathe more easily and perform better when needed.

Maintenance is Important

These are five easy steps you can take before taking your PC to a computer repair shop. Most likely, one of them will fix your problem, saving you money and time. The key is to remember that like a car or any other complicated machine, computers require maintenance to continue to run as quickly as the day they were purchased. Fortunately, this maintenance is free and easy to do.

This was a guest post by Garrett Tate of Don’t Panic IT Solutions -

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Top iOS App Development Tools That You Should Checkout

As we all know that the market for iPhone applications is abundant with more than 2 million applications obtainable in the Apple app store. However, if your application has a wonderful user experience and becomes more popular like Instagram, it will be more lucrative.

However, there are lots of good ideas for new applications; but it is important to execute the Design and Development accurately to boost the chances of success. It is recommended to hire an experienced firm with a proven track record like Worry Free Labs to help in Design and Development.

But if your budget is limited, you would find a lot of tools and programs available that can you design and visualize how the end-product must function and look. In this post, you will find some of the incredible iOS tools that help you to design and develop an app with rich features.

Let’s Have a Look at the Top iOS App Design & Development Tools


When it comes to talking about the Balsamig tool, it is a rapid wireframing tool, allowing users to instantly develop a wire frame mock-up of their application idea. Using this tool, you can work faster and smarter as it reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but using a computer.

As you know that the functionality of an application is most important and app designers need to make sure that their app has an excellent user experience. Moreover, the tool also has a few third-party plugins and tools that can be used for easy collaboration, making it instant and simple for teams and developers to use Balsamig and share they wireframe mock-ups with one another.


AppMakr is considered as one of the best iPhone app development tools for the starters. Using this tool, you can develop a high-end iPhone app for your business even if you do not have a good in the coding part.

AppMakr is one such tool that is completely free of cost and delivers you the impressive additional traits, including Ad support, HTML5 integration, AQI, Live updates and more. So far, millions of people have used this tool and developed their own apps with this powerful tool. You can also get started and make your own mobile app.


Talking about the Buzztouch tool, it is a software and a wonderful community, which helps people to make native iOS applications without any hassle. Unlike many app builders, there are no limits to what kinds of apps you can make using this advanced tool.

You can use Buzztouch control panel so that you can make an application, download the iOS project and you are all set to begin. Make use of Xcode to install your application on your device. When you are ready, you can easily submit it to the App store.


Invisionapp is a highly-advanced prototyping tool, which enables users to develop and design a clickable prototype of an iOS mobile application. Using this tool, you can instantly transform your designs into beautiful, fully interactive prototypes complete with gestures, transitions & animations for web, iOS and Android.

Invision tool will also help coordinate communication and feedback and has an excellent method of marking that screens are approved for the next phase of design or development.

A lot of professional iOS app development firms are there that use this tool on regular basis, and it helps the team show clients how the application is going to work and look. For the development team, as well, it is a great tool because it allows them to better plan and comprehend how the final product will work.


Blueprint is a widely-used tool that you should have in your list when you are planning your prospective application. However, the list already contains some best tools that help you visualize the layout of your app, but Blueprint is useful for visualizing the functional side of the application.

You can use this tool and get help in making a very easy-to-follow and comprehend storyboard for your app and its function. This wonderful tool make use of an easy to learn and drop method of organizing the pages of the app.

It also allows for arrows and lines to placed. Finally, this tool is extremely helpful in visualizing your application and is perfect for testing the functions and navigations before having to write and revise the code.

Swift Express

Swift Express is a simple yet most advanced tool that is written in Swift. The tool has a framework and a simple routing mechanism, helping users to run the application while managing the dependencies of the project.

Being the native platform Swift language, OS X with xCode features the best development experience yet. iOS and OS X developers will be pleased with a familiar environment.

So, these are the top iOS app designing and development tools that make designing and developing iOS applications a lot simpler. If you are looking forward to hiring a leading iPhone app development company that has a proficient team of iPhone developers.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

How to Generate Substantial Leads From Your Blog

Many businesses have a blog on their page. However, unless you utilize it properly and effectively, it won't bring you the results you need. If given proper attention, your blog can be a vital - and inexpensive - tool in your digital marketing toolbox.

Here are three tips to generate leads using your blog:

Create Unique and Valuable Content

As always, you will need a strong content marketing strategy that provides consistent, current, and relevant material. More than anything, you’ll need to create unique, valuable, and interesting content for readers in order to generate an audience, leads, and revenue. Authentic, related content is the most valuable to not only your users, but also search engines.

If you want to impress your users and improve your SEO, you'll want to create unique and valuable content on a regular basis. This will help gain interest, get your readers coming back, and engage them in the material that you produce. It will help them remember you and come back, choosing you as their source in the future. Once you’ve developed some loyalty and authority with them, they will become converting customers. In order to do this though, you’ll need to give them something that they actually want and appreciate.

Comment, Like, and Share

You should be creating content that is shareable and will motivate people to like and comment on it. This will help it spread, growing your audience, traffic, and conversions; it’s also probably the most important thing to do when trying to generate leads.

It will get you spread across multiple channels and to the most amount of users. More than likely, you’ll end up drawing in people that are interested in the same things through being spread among users that are interested in your content. There friends will see it, and it will spread from one to another, drawing in any one interested in what you offer.

More than just having people like and share your material, you want to make them respond to it! Create blog posts that make your readers respond to what you’re writing, getting them active with your content and your business. This will get them returning to your page and help build confidence in your audience and customers. In turn, this will establish you as a knowledgeable authority on the subject.

More than anything, you should try to make them want to come back for the next blog you write!

Guest Blogging

Writing blogs for other pages and blogs is a great way of spreading your content across other communities. If you pick the right pages (within your niche) you can generate a lot of traffic already interested in your niche, and therefore more likely to be a converting customer for your business. A guest blog not only lets you connect with a community that may be interested in what you offer, but it also gives you a chance to directly tell them what you offer! By tapping into relevant pages for guest posts, you’ll draw in an audience and traffic that is related to your services and products, helping you gain loyal customers that will convert and buy.

By using these 3 basic tips to blogging, you should be able to make your blog an effective part of your digital marketing strategy. This will help you draw in an audience, increase your traffic, and improve your conversions.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Growth of Ecommerce industry in India - An Insight

How instantly we make our mind to buy certain products online which is giving the highest discount? We, do without second thought. Isn’t it? Considering the shift from traditional shopping to online one, the craze these days for online shoppers is more towards searching for the products with the highest tag of associated cashback offers, discounts and deals. Why not, when the users are enjoying this new found way of possibly saving a lot of their money with every single shopping they do.

So, how ecommerce industry is able to register growth of roughly 35% every year?

There are so many offers and deals waiting for you to grab them that you literally want to shop the entire list. I mean, they are too enticing to be refused and this is a thing, which creates quite a marketing mechanism for companies whose modes of profit results from "mass sales".

Online industry has bridged the gap by creating an affordable mechanism for buyers to go for branded products

If I can say about myself, I was quite poor at bargaining during the days of traditional shopping. However, the glorifying journey which online shopping has offered seems to help me save a lot. Even the branded products which were very expensive, perhaps an impossible thing for middle class people like me, has now turned to be so cost effective after available promocode discount bash.

Considering the digitalized world we are heading, where all of us have smartphones to book anything from the comfort of our home be it railways or movie tickets, order food etc. Online shopping has actually fulfilled the expectations of masses where they don't have to take out time from their busy schedule.

One can shop at any time, it is so easy that even older generations who have never been so aware about the smartphone’s functioning, can be seen booking products with ease and are paying cash on delivery.

Rural areas are not de-attached from online industry

So, the usual misconception of how Indians by and large take it forward has ended a long time back and since many years, the online industry is only growing in leaps and bounds. Yes, this growth couldn’t have been possible without the love and support of people even from rural areas who are now actively seen purchasing products.

There are hot deals for specific time which may end in few hours. Then they are deals on weekends and likewise, lots and lots of offers continuously displaying with them.

Final words

Now, the biggest drawback which one used to face towards the last days of month due to mis-management of money will end once and for all. Yes, you will be in a budget. According to a saying, "money saved is money earned". So, your earnings will indirectly improve with all the savings in store for you. We, Indians are traditionally known towards making ways to save money and this new shift (which is also seeing a continuous rise) will continue to create smiles on the faces of Indians for ages to come.

Author Bio:
I am Jessica, a blogger, passionate about writing articles related to travel, Fashion, Health and technology. Apart from writing blogs, I love to explore the world by visiting different places and share my experiences with people. Now I am working for an e-commerce website that provides Amazon, Jabong, latest Myntra, paytm, freecharge, eBay coupons and many more hot deals.

Friday, December 30, 2016

How Secure Is Your Document Sharing Provider

Companies and Enterprises are constantly on the look-out for a reliable and enhanced way of sharing files among their employees without leaking vital information. This is where file-sharing services such as Dropbox and SugarSync come into play. Box, Google Drive and other cloud hosting providers offer users the ability to sync files and folders, make them accessible everywhere and emphasize on security thus a lot of businesses seek their well-regarded services.

The past few weeks have been overwhelming for the providers with the trending news of Dropbox going through so far another security breach. This begs the question, how secure is your document sharing provider? Dropbox being one of the most reliable cloud service providers had recently reset most of its client's passwords owing to a data breach that had occurred in 2012. Nevertheless, even with all these steps of ensuring user security they were hacked and data stolen from its users.

Owing to this, cloud service providers have put in place new safety measures to try and curb the threat. Some of these include the two-step verification whereby the user is required to enter a password and verification code sent to them via mobile phone. Another security step that has been put in place is advising the users to unlink any older devices that are no longer in use. These may be smartphones, tablets or even unused computers that were once attached to their Dropbox accounts. Another safety measures the providers have put in place, although it has been part of the package in their services, is file encryption and monitoring web sessions. By tracking and keeping a record of web browsers that have logged into a user's account, the client can monitor illegal activity in their account and report quickly.

But is this enough? Are your business and company files safe or are they vulnerable and at the mercy of your competitors? With the millions of passwords and personal data lost at the Dropbox security breach, a lot of uncertainty and questions have been raised on how secure is your document sharing provider?


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