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How To Do SEO In 2014

How To Do SEO In 2014
Search engines apparently seem to be on a war footing to weed out ineffective sites that offer nothing of value to people searching for specific information. Google seems to have set a pattern with one update after another and then fine tuning them with further updates. It seems to be an endless circle dissuading many from getting into the SEO game. However, businesses desperately need an online presence and quickly to be available when the shift by consumers towards smart phones and tablets make a major impact. So how do you do SEO in 2014?

The question needs to be answered by analysing ranking in 2013 and then build on factors producing positive effects. Search engines have definitely taken major steps to stop spam from adversely affecting search experience. Time spent on a website is money for the search engines, as visitors are likely to click on a paid ad.

Increasing Role Of Social Signals

One way of enhancing experience is to provide a platform that encourages shared content, which is why social networking is gaining ground. Search engines established parameters to recognise good content strategy associated with ethical SEO including social signals derived from active engagement, authorship or value of content directly connected to the author, regular updates recognised by increasing readership, and frequent updates giving signs of a healthy website. Relevance does play an important part, and businesses recognise the fact they need to build authority where it matters.

Content Strategy For SEO In 2014

Debate on whether content plays an important role is no longer valid. Search engines have indicated in clear terms fresh information is relevant. The question then arises whether good SEO content strategy involves writing long or short articles. If other factors are analysed, relevance is definitely given to good content keeping visitors glued to the website. Articles averaging 2,000 words are finding prime spots in Google search. However, due consideration must be given to the fact mobile users have increased tremendously, and it is a bit difficult to read long articles on a smart phone.

The long-term strategy is valid, as tablet sales are on the rise. Developing content strategy for 2014 is a must, and the logical way to go about it is to generate more interest among visitors to build a strong fan base for the long term. Will content in specific niches play a dominant role depending on user interest? Ideally, a wait-and-watch approach is warranted inclined towards following leaders in the same niche.

People frown upon guest blogging as a Black Hat strategy no longer having relevance in 2014, which is far from the truth. Quality back links will play a vital role in improving rankings, and one way to look at getting links from authority sites is to continue writing relevant content.

The concept is changed a bit wherein high quality content finds natural resources in authority sites willingly offering to share the author’s content. In other words, the author does make a difference, both in the eyes of an authority site and search engine. A good author readily finds resources to post an article. The next link is always easier, as other sites recognise value in promoting what the authority writer now has to offer.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Factors To Consider Prior Blogging

Factors To Consider Prior Blogging
In recent times blogging yes become a very popular thing. That's probably the case because blogging is one of the most effective methods to market your product, business, or service. Another reason could be that people are using their extra time to be expressing themselves more. No matter what the reason, starting your own blog should be taken rather seriously.

The problem with most blogs is that they are started without the blogger thinking through it. Below are a few pointers the blogger needs to keep in mind before he starts blogging.

Focus on a specific topic

Before starting the blog, zero in on a specific topic to write. The topic you decide to write on should showcase your passion, area of expertise and skills that will let you share your knowledge with others. After determining kind of content you want to blog on, it is important for all your articles to revolve around the topic you choose. If you write about topics your audience is not interested in, you would just be losing traffic and readership, that too rather rapidly. Select a topic that no one is writing about and audiences would be interested in reading about. The topic should be good and niche because if you take up a subject that everyone else is writing about, then it will be difficult for you to stand out. Be exclusive and have your audience’s pulse for your blog to succeed.

Investing your own money in the blog

Blogging is a means of making money for a most people but they are usually not willing to shell out any from their pocket. Give it a good thought before starting your blog. You need to yourself fork some moneybout before expecting investment from someone else. If you wish for monetary returns from your blog, you need to see it as a business and spend money on it.

You’re a lone ranger

You will be handling all the aspects of your blog single-handedly, whether it is design, development, or online marketing unless you can afford to give it out to a third party. You will also be responsible for uploading new content and new information, uploading images, editing, cleaning up the website and taking care of marketing campaigns. You won’t do too well as a blogger if you are a shirker because blogging needs commitment to your craft.

Dedicated time

If you do not have time to dedicate to your blog, then avoid starting it. This is a very common and frequent mistake made by most marketers. Starting the blog, writing a couple of blogs for the first few weeks and then putting it on the backburner is a rookie mistake; blogging actually has a science behind it and you must begin only if you can give it adequate time. It’s important to update the blog at least every other day in a week and one post a day is the ideal way to begin. It will work really well for you if you can commit to your blog. You need to set aside a time and place to work on it every week.

Your blog host should be reliable and competent

The success of your blog critically depends largely on how reliable your blog hosting service provider is. It is important that your blog can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with fast loading time. The security of your website data and user data can be guaranteed by only a reliable blog hosting provider. The server security configuration should be high level to prevent hacking. A good blog host will also back up your blogs frequently, maybe on a daily basis, so that if you lose data it can be restored from a specific date that you need.

No blog becomes a success overnight

Your blog will not be successful instantly. A lot of people give up blogging sooner than later when they do not see positive results. But this is a part and parcel of starting a blog. You need to give it enough time to do well just like you would to a business. Any successful blog that has been around for years will tell you that the initial stages of blogging are the most difficult also. Increase the traffic to your blog slowly and new audiences will discover your blog gradually. Don’t give up even if you see very less traffic even after a few months.

Publicise the blog on social media platforms

If you want maximum returns from your blog, then promote the blog as well as the content regularly wherever you can. Social media platforms are actually the best place for doing that. You need to spend enough time on social media outlets to consolidate your presence and proof there. This will help in telling the visitors that you are influential in your area of expertise. It is possible to drive in hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your site over a period of time if you use it properly and regularly.

Write for readers first then search engines

For the benefit of your blog, it is important that you understand search engine optimization, use relevant keywords and write Meta titles other than implementing Google Authorship so that you can gain search engine traction for your blog. But you cannot limit your efforts to just driving traffic to your blog. Your readers must come first when it comes to writing content, optimizing should follow.

Blogging can be as big a challenge as it is exciting for you to embark on. You will not only have fun writing the blog but it will also be a gratifying experience if you get all these tips right.
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I am Ramya Raju a freelance web design writer with 8 yrs of extensive blogging experience on a variety of online publishing and social-media platforms. I generally write high-quality articles on travel, photography, SEO, Web design, English courses, and generic topics too. I’m also an extrovert with a passion for photography, anthropology and travelling to different countries to learn the culture and living of the local inhabitants.

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Are You Sure Of Not Having a keylogger in Your System? Then, Be Sure!

keylogger in Your System
I am sure that you would have heard about keylogger. Many of you might be of the notion that keylogger is a software, but this is not so. Keylogger could be hardware or software. It is meant for both legitimate and illegitimate jobs, but most of the times, it is used by the bad guys to spy on other's information.

If you do not want anybody to have an illicit access to your information, you need to know to catch hold of this kind of process that might run in your system without your knowledge. Here is how, you can have a check on this process.

Hardware keylogger:

Hardware keylogger
Hardware keylogger is the device that needs to be connected to the keyboard port. If you happen to locate it, you can have it disconnected, so that the keystrokes are not traced. 

An alternate method of having the hardware keylogger installed is by soldering it into the circuit of the keyboard. To make sure that you do not have it soldered into the keyboard, you need to disassemble the board and find if there is any such thing fixed.

Software keylogger:

There are innumerous Software keyloggers that can be found online. Certain virus or malware programs have the ability to install keyloggers in your computer while running in your system. Most often, the keyloggers are used to have the credentials of important accounts, such as bank, social media, etc.

There are few things that you can do to identify a software keylogger and here they are!

1) Run an antivirus program

You can run an antivirus program to find, if there is any keylogger installed in your system. You can land on the computer review sites to find which product is the suitable one to detect a software keylogger.

2) Get rid of the malicious files

Run your antivirus and anti-spyware programs almost daily, so that these programs protect you from the malware that is capable of running and sliding keylogger into your system. Make sure that the detected malicious files are either quarantined or removed from the system.

3) Update antivirus software regularly

We would suggest you to schedule updates for your antivirus program on a daily basis. If the virus definitions are open to updates more often, then there is less chance that your computer will be attacked by the trouble making malicious files.

Hardware keyloggers are easy to find when compared with the software keylogger. However, you can make use of updated antivirus or anti-spyware to get rid of it.

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Author Bio:
Robert R. is an avid guest blogger who writes on behalf of Mytechgurus. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the everyday computer user, by helping them with common errors, especially Windows installer errors and slow computer problems.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 SEO Success Secrets

The awareness of what signs algorithms are looking for is fundamental towards SEO success. Here are 5 SEO success secrets you need to put into practice:

1. Acknowledge the relevance of high PR links

Despite what some might say high authority links are still incredibly important. The Google algorithm seeks high PR in order to decide which sites acquire the highest rankings.

If you’re still unsure then why not test it out for yourself? If you have the availability to SEO software that gives link profile readouts, try and search for some key phrases and then run the reports on the top 10 sites that come up. You will most likely find that the sites with the highest rankings are the ones with the highest PR links.

2. Link diversity is crucial

As important as high PR links are, link diversity is even more important, and no, that does not mean blog comment spamming and automated links; that will upset Google. To really boost your rankings, and to make Google happy, you need to show diversity in your link building approach as well as using a combination of dofollow and nofollow links. Here are a list of places you can explore to help you find top links that will enrich your link variety: Web 2.0 sites, press releases, article directories, Wordpress/Blogger, social media sites, and social bookmarks.

3. Do it the natural way

A few years back, automated link building was a major thing where you could find software that would create as many links as possible to help boost your site’s rankings. However, Google’s algorithm updates weren’t too fond of the method, and so automated link building is no longer effective. Therefore, for better SEO management, you should opt for the organic approach by manually seeking a variety of high PR links that you can build your links upon.

4. Stay relevant

Always make sure that you keep significance at the forefront of your mind. Despite the importance of link diversity, it is crucial that you build your links upon sites that are actually relevant to what your site is about, or else you may find that your SEO is less effective. Therefore, you should aim to find links that actually relate to the content of your own.

5. Be multi-media savvy

Text only websites are always the least attractive. To make your site more appealing you need to include a range of images, sounds and videos etc. in order to boost your on page SEO and satiate Google algorithms. If you feel like your site is perhaps lacking in this department, well, it looks like you know what you need to do next.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Rebecca Acres, a copywriter for a digital marketing agency in London.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Segregating Points of Xbox One and Xbox 360

Segregating Points of Xbox One and Xbox 360
Xbox was an innovative invention with cool features such as wireless controllers, expanded hard drive storage and the kinect motion sensing camera. With a vision of unparalleled experience for the gaming enthusiasts, Xbox 360 and Xbox One are second and third consoles in the Xbox series from Microsoft.

Xbox One is a big gaming console of the present lot. It introduces better graphics and new features that were missing in its predecessor Xbox 360.


Kinect is a controller-free gaming and entertainment experience. Mandatory with every Xbox console, the new version of the kinect is an enhanced version of its predecessor and works really well in key areas such as motion tracking and voice recognition. It is faster as well. A cool feature of Xbox One is a 1080p wide-angle time-of-flight camera. The camera identifies the user and logs in automatically.


There is a huge difference in the main memory pool of the two consoles. Xbox 360 has 512 MB RAM as against Xbox One which is supported with 8GB RAM.

Also, the Xbox One is powered with an AMD “Jaguar’ Accelerating Processing Unit. Having the same architecture as a PC, it facilitates cross gaming platform. Xbox One supports 4K resolution. On the other end, Xbox 360 runs on Power PC tri-core Xenon processor at 3.2 GHz. This means that the successor is more efficient and multitasking is much easier.

Backward Compatibility and Games

Xbox 360 overpowers Xbox One in the gaming arena with huge game library. Earlier, gamers had plenty of choices in terms of games but as Xbox One is not compatible backwards with Xbox 360 games, gamesaves and apps, the gamers will have to rebuild their game library from scratch. A few games will be launched exclusively for the Xbox One soon.


The Xbox One controller though looks similar to the Xbox 360 but features some changes. In the redesigned directional-pad, the Menu and View buttons are replaced with the Start and Back buttons. The Xbox One is also empowered with a USB port to swap between wired and wireless versions. It uses new impulse triggers. The battery pack of the controller is also integrated within the controller to cut on the prominence at the back, something that made the predecessor bulky.

Addition of Blu-rays

Xbox 360 backed DVD and HD-DVD via a peripheral. While the new variant Xbox One comes with blu-ray. It makes for a good movie player as well as lets you install games to the console. The best media feature is the ability to control the idiot box with the Xbox.

No Bluetooth support

The Xbox One does not have Bluetooth support though Wi-Fi Direct and 802.11n helps in dealing with device-to-device connections. Also the wireless accessories require official Xbox options to connect.

Smart addition

Microsoft’s SmartGlass app works on an array of phones, tablets and PCs. The smart addition on Xbox One permits devices working on Windows Phone, Windows 8, IOS and Android to be used as a second screen.

With such enhanced attachments, the new gaming console looks to rule the market and the minds of the gamers.

Author Bio:
Simon is a freelance writer by profession and Technology-enthusiast at heart. He mainly covers topics related to Technology, Android and iOS Apps, and now days he is passionate to cover and write reviews or issues faced by android and iPhone application development services. He prefers and loves to read about the Changing technology trends and review them of his own.

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